Who Wins? If The White Ball Goes In After the Black

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Pool is an enjoyable game that most people love to play to unwind or even for professional purposes. It has so many rules that must be followed. Whether you are just playing for fun or in a competition, rules are there to make some order, so that the game can flow, and they must be followed.

So, if the white ball is potted right after the black all, who is declared the winner? Ideally, if you pocket the white ball right after the black ball, when you have potted all your balls, then you will lose to your opponent. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you said prior that you would pocket the white ball in a certain pocket, and you do exactly that, then you will have won the game.

This article will explain how the 8-ball is played, the rules of blackball, determining a loss or win, and other related questions. Keep reading for a deeper insight.

The Game’s Objective

The 8-ball is pool game played on a rectangular table with 6 pockets and 15 object balls. The first set of balls is numbered 1-7 and the second set is 9-15. The eighth ball is the black ball.

The aim of the game is to pocket all you designated balls before pocketing the black ball in a called pocket.

Breaking of the Game

At the start, the balls are arranged in a rack, and the winner of the previous game can decide who will play the breaking shot. If at breaking a stripe or solid ball is potted, then that player will officially take the type of ball potted to the end of the game.

If no ball is potted, then the table is said to be open, and the second player can attempt a shot on either the solid or stripped balls until a ball is potted to determine the groups.

Playing the Game

After breaking and potting of a ball, every player now knows their balls. One player will be playing with 1-7, also known as the solids and the other will take 9-15 also known as the stripes.

Using the cue ball, you can hit any of your balls in any order and pot them randomly until you have no ball left on the table. Then you can pocket the 8 ball also known as the black ball in the called pocket.

If you on any shot you fail to pot your ball, then your opponent takes over. This goes on to the end of the game.

When a Shot Is Considered a Foul

There are many instances when a shot is considered to be a foul as seen below:

  • Once the cue ball strikes an object, a ball must strike the cushion. Failure to do this, then that shot is considered a foul, unless a ball is potted.
  • If the cue ball hits the opponent’s ball before yours
  • If you fail to hit any ball at all on the table
  • The cue ball hitting the black ball first when you have other object balls on the table
  • If any ball falls off the table
  • Touching the cue ball with your clothes or any other body part while playing
  • Failure to have at least one foot touching the floor when shooting the ball
  • Hitting the cue ball more than once in a single shot
  • Playing when it’s not your turn
  • Making a shot before all balls have rested

When Is a Win Determined?

A win is determined a player pockets the black ball after pocketing all of his or her balls. If both players have pocketed all their balls, the first one to pocket the eight ball will be the winner.

When Does A Player Lose the Game?

A player will be deemed to have lost the game under the following circumstances:

  • Potting the black ball illegally e.g. through a push
  • A player potting the blackball while he or she still has one or more balls on the table
  • Failure to attempt hitting the on ball or purposely hitting a ball that is not on ball or the opponent’s ball
  • Pocketing the 8 ball on the same shot as your remaining balls
  • The 8 ball falling off the table

In any of the above circumstances, the opponent is considered as the winner.

Related Questions

What Is a Stalemate?

A stalemate occurs when both players are snookered of all shots, and no legal shot can take place. The referee will examine and decide if there is a stalemate whether accidentally or by design, and the game will be considered a draw and another game to be started.

What if the black ball is pocketed during the breaker?

In this case, the breaker can re-rack and break again or put back the black on a certain position and play from there.

What is considered unsportsmanlike conduct at pool?

Some conduct can be considered unprofessional and even be penalized with a foul or even loss of the game. Such conduct includes miscuing intentionally, distracting an opponent out of malice, marking the pool table, intentionally shooting at a ball that is not in your group and many others.

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