What Size Cue Tip Do The Pros Use?

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In many sports, people model their purchases based upon what the pros are using. After all, if something is going to be good enough for the pros, surely it would be good for amateur players too? In pool, a lot of the focus is on pool cue tip sizes. So, let our experts guide you through the size of the pool cue tip used by professional players.

So, what size cue tip do the pros use? Well, a lot of this is going to be dependent on the player. A lot of professíonal players will use either a 12.25mm pool cue tip. There are some that will creep into the 13-mm category, and those with chunkier cues will have a 14-mm tip on the end, but this will be a lot rarer. Basically, there is no real set standard for pros. They will just use whatever works best for their style of play.

Let our experts guide you through everything that you need to know about pros and their cue tips. We even have a little bit of advice on choosing a pool cue tip if you are a beginner.

What size cue tip do the pros use?

As we said before; there isn’t really a ‘set’ cue tip size that pros use. A lot of it is going to be dependent on their style of play. Some players will even change up their tip size and density from game to game.

If you notice that a pro favors the harder, more intense shots, then you will catch them playing with 13mm, and sometimes 14mm cue tips. These will almost always be of a hard or medium density.

When the player’s play style is all about the spin or the trickier shots, then their cue tip may be as small as 12.25mm. It will also often be a far softer tip. This provides more control over the spin shots. You can tell when a professional player has a softer tip. Their breaks may not be as strong, although they are still going to be better breaks than your average pool player.

Finally; it is worth noting that many professional players are sponsored. This means that, on rare occasions, they may be provided with tips from their sponsor. Some of these cue tips may be a little bit different to what the professional player normally uses. However, since they are a pro, they can generally work with anything that they are given.

What size cue tip should beginners use?


As with the pro-level players, there isn’t really a specific pool cue tip that you should be using. Over time, you will start to get a feel for which cue tip gels with you best.

However, in our experience, most beginner players do best with a 12.5mm medium tip. The medium tip allows the new player to work on their spin action, while retaining a small amount more control over the shot that a soft tip would offer a newer player.

In our opinion, you stick with whatever pool cue tip comes attatched to your cue when you first buy it. Once you start to understand your game a little bit better, and the overall playing style that you prefer, then you can shake things up a little bit and purchase different tips. If you want a ‘quick guide’ this should help:

  • Soft cue tips are brilliant for those that enjoy adding a lot of spin to their shots.
  • Hard cue tips are for those that favor power over anything else
  • Medium-density cue tips are for the average player i.e. the one that doesn’t really favor one particular play style.

If you play shots with a bit more spin, then opt for smaller tips. High-powered shots work best with larger tip diameters. Again, only by understanding your play style will you start to understand which tip size is best for you.

We wouldn’t really recommend that you use smaller cue tips during the early days. Smaller cue tips require a lot more accuracy if you do not want to add too much spin to the shot. Most new players have yet to develop that sort of accuracy.

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How do you know if your pool cue tip needs to be replaced?

The best way to determine whether your pool cue tip needs to be replaced will be by comparing your old cue tip to an old one of the same style.

If you look at the top of a pool cue, it will be rounded. While wear on this will be a good indication that the tip needs replacing, it isn’t going to be telling the whole story.

We recommend that you, instead, look at the straight part of the tip that leads up to this dome. The smaller this straight part gets, the more likely it is that you will need to replace the pool cue in the near future. This is why it is best to compare the old tip to a new one. You can see just how much wear there has been on the tip.

You may also want to change up your tip if there is uneven wear on the dome. This is normally something that will happen quicker if you have soft cue tips and you enjoy adding a lot of spin to your shots.

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How often should you chalk your pool cue tip?

Ideally, you would do it at least once every other shot. If you need to put a bit of extra spin on the shot, then you will need to chalk just before. This way the ball will not slip from under the cue tip. This will give you a lot more control over the shot. 

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How often should cue tips be replaced?

At least once every 6-months. If you are playing pool daily for multiple hours, then you may even find that changing your cue tip every couple of months will work a little bit better for you. 

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