4 Best Valley Pool Table Reviews in 2023

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With more than 70 years in the pool table industry, Valley has become a trusted industry leader for commercial pool tables as well as their non-coin home versions. The Valley pool tables are known to be solid, durable, and well designed for play and user comfort. They are also operator friendly, and profits maximized for high-intensity play. If you have space, the non-coin varieties are an investment and designed to last in your games room or home.

All the Valley tables have high quality imported slate that lies under the felt to ensure a level and accurate play. Their tables are designed for all uses commercial and home and have a high standard of workmanship. If you wondered which commercial or home table to choose, we have done the homework for you and provided you with our top four best Valley pool table reviews.

Vally pool Table Model1. Valley Pool Table 93″ Panther Coin-op2. Valley pool Table 88″ Z-DX3. Valley Coin-Op Top Cat Pool Table – 101″4. Valley Panther Pool table Black Cat 101 
Dimensions93” x 53” x 31” 88″ x 50″ x 31.5″ 101″ x 57″ x 32″ 101 101″ x 56″ x 31.”
Weight710lbs/322kg652lbs (295kg)901lbs (408kg)845lbs (383kg)
IncludesCougar Head Cue BallCougar Head Cue BallDuramith balls, Championship worsted table- clothOptional set for an added price
Material ClothTeflon ultra ClothTeflon ultra ClothTeflon ultra clothStandard Valley Teflon Ultra-red cloth
Material LaminateCheyenne Leather Black cat laminateMahogany finish, black satin cornersCharcoal laminate with flecks
Money ChuteCoin-opMEI bill acceptor, 18 AMP Intestate battery rechargeable.MEI bill Acceptor, 26a Interstate batteryNon-Coin
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#1. Valley 93″ Coin-Op Panther Pool Table – Cheyenne Leather

The Cheyenne leather-finish Panther 93″ is a stylish and solid pool table that is coin operated and great for commercial use. The table is a solid 710 pounds and built to last. The Teflon Ultra cloth is made for speed and precision that will not suffer damage easily. The dual-density cushion rubbers are styled in the Champion Tour Edition for make for a flawless play.

The Valley 93″ has a replaceable coin chute housing that breaks away without damaging the unit. The table is stylish, reliable, and perfectly designed for high-duty play. 

Valley 93″ Coin-Op Panther Pool Table Features at a Glance

  • Sleek design with corner castings and innovative rail cap to eliminate snags on clothing and cues
  • 5-bolt securely fitted cushion rails to prevent dead spots
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on rail rubber
  • Teflon ultra cloth makes for smooth action and resists spills and damage
  • Dual-density cushion rubbers for accuracy and speed (Championship Tour Edition)
  • Includes Aramith ball setter
  • Flush-mounted corner castings
  • 3/4″ Seven-ply solid –core plywood cabinets
  • Clear diamond markers coated in melanin for durability
  • Adjustable ESD push chute
  • Cheyenne Leather laminate for a stylish finish
  • One-piece ball collector is quiet and efficient.


The Valley 93″ (shop now) is an excellent addition to any commercial business or home games area and is built to last. The cutting-edge rail and dual-density rubbers make it perfect for speedy and accurate play while the felt is tear and spill-proof. This table will stand up to snags and tears while remaining stylish and sleek.

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#2. Valley Panther Pool Table Electronic ZD-X – 88″ – Black Cat Finish

The Valley Panther ZD-X is the flagship of the valley range with excellent additional electronic features that set the table apart from its competitors. These enhancements mean that you can add to your programmable features and include League Dues, account operations, and Happy Hour time play with bonus pricing options.

Along with these electronic enhancements, the ZD-X delivers all the quality-play designs and functionality, the flagship for which they are famous. The 5-bolt dual-density cushions and Valley Ultra cloth make for smooth and accurate play while remaining tear-resistant and durable. You won’t have lost money on this table, because it prevents league dues.

The five-bolt threaded rail system does away with dead spots, and the magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts, and the perfectly balanced magnetic cougar cue ball is designed to be the same size and weight as the object balls. Flush-mounted corners are designed with an enhanced corner shape to improve the player experience.

Valley Panther Pool Table Electronic  ZD-X – 88″ Features at a Glance

Electronic Features:

  • Accepts League Dues up to 10 different leagues per table
  • Value pricing for larger buy-ins
  • 3 Bonus levels: Time Play, Rack Play, or Dual
  • Happy Hour play of three levels 
  • Internal clock to customize pricing
  • MEI bill Acceptor
  • Battery protection with multiple warnings
  • An 18-Amp interstate battery with speed charger to extend battery life
  • Separate battery for backup and memory protection 

 Table Features

  • Newly designed corner casting and rail cap prevents snagging points
  • 5-bolt cushion rails prevent dead spots
  • Valley Teflon Ultra Cloth is smooth and spill-proof 
  • Dual-density Championship Tour Edition cushion rubbers for speed and accuracy
  • Cougar head cue ball Aramith three-layered design
  • Quality imported ¾” slate
  • Solid Poplar hardwood cushion rails
  • Replaceable coin chute housing
  • 7- ply solid core plywood for durability
  • Black Cat laminate for style


The Valley panther ZD-X is not only well designed, and highly durable, but it maximizes operator profit with great additional features. The ZD-X can take notes and is programmable for league bouts or happy hours to increase your takings worry-free. The rechargeable battery is also convenient and lets operators know well in advance when to recharge.

The table itself is designed to be tough and wear-resistant while giving optimal user comfort and experience. A great all-rounder and in an elegant black finish made to make operating a pool table commercially a pleasure not a drain on your energy.

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#3. Valley Coin-Op Top Cat Pool Table – 101″

One of the best of the range Valley pool tables, this unit has a classic, old-fashioned lines with mahogany finish and satin black and metal finish. The carved wooden rope trim and tapered statesman leg make this table stands out as a stylish remake of the reliable old-fashioned pool. The elegant design is coupled with the ease of electronic MEI slot that you can program for happy hours and bonus time play, rack play, or dual.

The Top cat has specially designed tighter pockets for tournament-ready games and DBA, coin mechanism, push chute, and card-ready tool for ease of payment. There is a coin counter on the door for heightened visibility with motion-sensitive light viewers for balls. The convenient program copy option allows operators to program their tables easily.

Valley Coin-Op Top Cat Pool Table – 101″ Features at a Glance

  • Electronic MEI slot with programmable settings
  • Includes premium Duramith balls and Championship Worsted Tablecloth with Teflon
  • Flush mount corner casings for comfort
  • Motion sensitive ball view lighting
  • Oversized secure service door for easy operator use
  • 5-bolt cushion rails with an extra-thick backing
  • Dual-density rail rubber for accuracy and speed
  • Coin chute breaks away without damaging the unit
  • New Duramith cue ball that has resin resistance
  • Antique look with a mahogany and satin black finish and coiled rope wood design
  • Durable diamond markers coated in clear melanin
  • One chute ball collector with chalk relief struts


This Valley table (shop now) combines old-time elegance with modern design for an all in one commercial pool table. The finishes are beautiful with roped wood details that will make your table a feature in your bar or place of business, and yet the table incorporates the innovative features of the Valley brand. A sturdy edition with easy to use operator slots and a lit ball viewer and coin counter on the door for fuss-free use.

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#4. Valley 101″ Panther Pool Table – Black Cat Finish Non-Coin 

The Valley 101″ Panther pool table (shop now) combines all the advantages of commercial durability with a games room/ home pool table with stylish design. The charcoal laminate finish complements the deep red Valley Teflon Ultra finish for smooth and spill-resistant play. To make the unit look sleek, the flush-mounted pocket liners have a hidden screw trim for a smooth and elegant finish. 

The unit has reliable aluminum slate support for durability and a five-bolt dual-density rail system for accurate and consistent play. The table comes with easy-adjust leg leveler suitable for one person to level in minutes with a wrench. The panther rail eliminates dead spots for improved play while the ¾ inch 7-ply solid core plywood will ensure that your home pool table will last a long time.

Valley 101″ Panther Pool Table – Black Cat Finish features at a Glance

  • ¾ inch solid imported slate
  • One-piece ball return to eliminate stuck balls 
  • Charcoal laminate with crystal flecks
  • Valley Ultra Teflon cloth for spill-resistant, smooth play
  • Flush-mounted corner casting and countersunk pockets
  • Easy-adjust leg leveler
  • Hidden screw side and end trim for sleekness
  • 5-bolt cushion rail and dual-density rubber
  • Reliable aluminum slate support for stability
  • Tapered corners and legs for better player stance


The Valley range commercial grade experience of the Valley range combines with a coin-free-home alternative for your playing pleasure. The Valley 101 still included the dual-density five-bolt rail system that the brand is known for that will enhance your game’s accuracy. The easy to adjust and striking charcoal gray and red design with flush pockets will look the part in any home. 

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The best Valley Tables in Conclusion

A pool table can be a real investment if chosen well. When buying one should consider the amount of space you have available first and foremost. There should be enough room for the table and plenty of space for cue activity. If you are thinking of buying for your home, the stunning design choice in the Valley range will fit right in to your home decor.

If thinking of a commercial investment, programmable tables take a lot of the headache out of running a table. A table like the ZD-X (see Amazon) will maximize profit and minimize hassle. Knowing that your table is damage resistant to spills like the Valley Ultra cover also makes sense.

With the variety of pool tables on offer, it makes sense to buy from a company with a long history of quality and durable pool tables. With their emphasis on style and play, they make it easy for operators and owners alike to reap the benefits of their tough and stylish range. We hope you have found the table that will match your bar or home and up your pool game or profit.

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