Should I Put a Pool Table in my Living Room

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Do you love to play pool but have no pool halls nearby? Driving to the pool club is an added effort, and certainly not attractive if you love hitting the table every day. It’s well worth the money then to buy a pool table for your own living room!

Should I put a pool table in my living room? That you should! Aside from the convenience, a pool table would make a stylish addition to your living room. However, you must consider the size of the room first, and if a table would fit in comfortably while allowing space for players to shoot around the table.

We’ll talk in detail about how much space you need for an indoor pool table (with exact dimensions) and also why the living room is such a great option to place it.

Where in my house should I put the pool table?

When deciding on a place for a pool table in your home, remember that it certainly does not deserve to be cramped up in a corner of the basement. You should put it in a room that is comfortable, stylish, and functional.

If you have a big enough home with a dedicated game room or recreational room, then what better place to put a pool table!

But, if you’re short on space or you’re simply too much of a pool lover and want the table to be at the most accessible and functional spot in the house, then the living room is a perfect place to add a table.

Not only would it make such a statement about your taste, it would really make your living room look chic, and be the center of attention whenever you have guests at your place. What could be nicer than family and friends spending an evening shooting pool while also chilling in the living room!

How much room do I need for a pool table?

A living room is generally the most or one of the most spacious rooms in the house. You could probably fit a pool table in there nicely if it isn’t already too cramped with other furniture.

Let’s look at some exact dimensions though. The main thing to remember is that even if you could fit a table in there, you must also consider how much space there is around the table for players to cue easily. If there’s a tight spot at even one corner, it would reduce the overall comfort level.

Pool table dimensions:

A standard pool table is twice as long as it is wide. We will be talking about the longest side of the table when we refer to its size. Standard table sizes are 7, 8, 8.5 or 9 feet long. (The corresponding widths would be 3.5, 4, 4.25, and 4.5 feet).

A Regulation Size pool table refers to the biggest standard i.e. 4.5 by 9 feet. It would require much more space than the 7-foot table.

How long is a cue?

The standard cue stick is about 58 inches in length.

Actual space needed:

So, allowing for room to cue on all sides of the table, the minimum space required for a pool table would be:

(The width of the table plus 2 times the cue length) by (the length of the table plus 2 times the cue length)

For example, if you’re using a 3.5’ by 7’ table, its size in inches would be 42’’ by 84’’. If we add 2 times the cue length i.e. 2*58 = 116’’ to both the dimensions, the total space needed will be 158’’ by 200’’ or 13’ 2’’ by 16’ 8’’.

So, if the free space in your living room is around that much or more, you could definitely put a pool table in there. And what a cool addition it will make!

Related Questions

How far does a pool table need to be away from the wall?

Since the standard cue stick is 58’’ long, leave at least 5 feet space all around your pool table, otherwise you will have problems positioning your cue without it hitting the wall.

Can you put a pool table in a 12×12 room?

Definitely not recommended. Even if you consider the smallest 7-foot standard, the table would fit, but it would be very cramped! You’d have very little space around to place your cue at all.

How do you place a pool table in a room?

You place the table right in the center of your free space and making sure you have enough space for the table itself plus 5 feet clearance around the table on all sides to play comfortably.

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