Magic Ball Rack Review (With Tips For Smashing The Rack)

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Let’s say that you have got a new pool table but you have no idea how to set up the balls for a billiards game with your friends. Whether, you want to enjoy a Standard 8-Ball Game, a 9-Ball Game, or a 10-ball game, there are racks available to make your task easier.

If you look online, there are several racks available but it can be daunting to make a choice. Take a deep breath and relax with a glass of wine with your friends, but be careful to keep the drink away from pool cloth. Our review team has done the job of finding the best rack for you Read on to find our unbiased Magic Ball Rack Reviews.

Magic Ball Rack 8, 9, and 10 Ball Combo Pack

When you want to play a pool game like a professional, it starts with setting up the balls correctly, just like they do in a club or bar. With this elite racking system made from good quality plastic, you get a tight and consistent rack even on the old table felt.

What we like best about the Magic Ball Rack (see Amazon) is that it takes only a few seconds to set up the balls professionally. As the rack is extremely lightweight and portable, you can easily carry it with your wherever you go. It is one of the best inventions for the Billiards game.

Unlike other games, you do not need to tap the balls thus it saves wear and tear of the table cloth. The magic ball rack lies flat on the table and the balls ate beautifully arranged on the top of the rack. For beginners, it may take some time to get a hang of it but then it proves to be much faster and better than regular racks.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 13.5 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weighs 0.8 Ounces
  • Elite racking system
  • Saves table damage
  • 10 seconds or less
  • Lies flat on the table

User/ Customer reviews

Most users are impressed with how easy it makes for people to play a game of pool without having professional training on how to set balls. Some people have admitted that while initially, they thought it was silly to have a plastic rack on the table, later they realized the importance. A few customers have also said that the balls stay in place unless another ball rebounds into it, which is the sign of a tight rack.

Product Comparison

Many people wonder what makes a Magic Ball Rack better than any standard triangle or diamond rack frame. When compared, we found that this paper-thin plastic rack helps you get a better and tight grip of the balls, allowing users to set up the game easily. As it’s extremely thin, it does not interfere with the break unlike other racks and once you have taken the shot, you can remove it.


This magic ball rack (shop now) is pretty well-designed and proves to be more consistent than any wooden racks. What we appreciate most is that the rack hold balls exactly where they need to be, so that they touch each other when your cue ball hits it during the break. Overall, we feel this rack offers good value for not only beginners but also professionals at this price.

Tips And Secrets For Smashing The Rack Correctly

  • The most important tip is to always aim at the head ball as accurately as possible. When you take a dead-center hit, it transfers the ball’s entire momentum into the rack. Experts suggest that you hit squarely on the head ball with full momentum.
  • In the end, the good break shot helps to sink a ball so you must be flexible and adjust the strategy accordingly. This may require you to switch the cue ball positions or change speed. Make sure that you don’t waste energy on sidespin.
  • Listen to expert’s advice that says to narrow your stance to propel your torso and hip in forwarding motion to take a stroke. Professionals prefer the front foot on the break, but it’s advisable to stand upright for a regular shot.
  • Remember that each pool table is different and the breakpoint may vary so you need to find the sweet spot. Check the cloth to check signs of wear and tear and know the table well before the match starts. This will help you determine which speed will work best for breaking.
  • It is important to know where the pros take a start whether it is an 8 ball game or a 9 ball game. Know the object paths of each format and know the key balls that are the head balls and the wing balls as they are most reliable of all.
  • Be focused and always keep your eye on the first ball. Some experts recommend looking at the cue ball rather than the head ball, so this maybe entirely your choice whichever you are more comfortable with.
  • The practice is the key and most important element of a successful break. It’s all about trying to get several body parts to work in tandem and work together in a smooth movement.
  • Use the magic pool rack, which is a great substitute for the standard racking triangles. It’s not only affordable but does the job perfectly. You can get it from Amazon.

Related Questions

How many balls do you find on the pool table

Depending on the type of game you play, the number of pool balls may vary. However, something that stays constant is the white cue ball that is used to hit the colored ones.

Why is it important to maintain the gear

A rack triangle is an important gear that can cause irregularities in the game if it gets dirty or worn out. Just like the pool balls impact your performance when they get dirty and lose their roundness, you need to ensure that the rack is always in good shape.

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