How to Maintain a Pool Cue Shaft

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How to Maintain a Pool Cue Shaft

Pool cues are often an expensive investment. If billiards is your game, you should learn how to maintain your pool cue shaft. Here we answer how you can do that.

The primary way to maintain your pool cue shaft is by giving it a basic and natural clean. First, lightly dampen a non-abrasive cloth, paper towel, or sponge. Next, run your chosen cleaning material up and down the pool cue shaft. Lastly, get a dry, gentle cloth, paper towel, or sponge. Finally, run that up and down the pool cue shaft to quickly dry the area.

This is the most natural and basic way to maintain your pool cue shaft. There are more ways to further maintain the quality and performance of your cue shaft. Let’s discuss more of these below.

4 Natural Ways to Maintain Your Pool Cue Shaft

Before turning to chemical-based maintenance products, you can look to some natural ways to maintain your pool cue stick and shaft.

1. Clean with Superfine Pumice Powder

Pumice is an igneous rock that forms from volcanic lava. It is a natural material. Varying grit sizes are available and you can get superfine pumice powder like the one Element sells. It’s finer than baby powder.

Mechanics use pumice to give their hands an effective and quick clean after a day’s work. In cosmetics, pumice stones, powders, and gels are used to soften callus and to exfoliate facial and body skin. So, your cue shaft is safe with pumice.

You can apply some on a dry or slightly damp cleaning cloth or paper towel. You can even shake a bit into your hand. Wrap your hand or cloth around the cue shaft. Slide up and down. Then use a separate cloth or paper towel to give your cue shaft a final wipe.

2. Use a Natural and Soft Leather to Wipe the Shaft.

You can use an old leather belt or make a cut from old leather bags. Make sure the leather is smooth and soft. Wrap it around the cue stick. Give it a firm grip. Slide it up and down, generating some heat while you’re at it. Doing this will shine and smoothen your pool cue stick shaft.

3. Keep your pool cue stick in a solid rack and case.

We mention the need for both a rack and case. If you have a pool table at home, you can just place your cue stick in a rack after a game. But when you’re heading out for competitive gaming somewhere else, you need a solid case like this to house your precious gear.

The case will keep your pool cue stick safe from accidental drops, scratching, and dents. It will shield your playing instrument from contact with harmful air, dirt, and even raindrops.

What cue case should you invest in? Get one with foam and fabric lining. This keeps the insides of your case moisture-free and provides some airtightness. Cases can be hard, semi-hard, or soft.

Choose one depending on the type of cue stick that you have. Because some are so delicate, you need a full hard casing for them. You can also buy compact or multi-cue stick containers.

4. Store your pool cue shaft in stable temperatures.

You may have an outdoor pool table. However, it’s not wise to keep your cue stick and shaft outdoors. The weather can be quite unpredictable especially outdoors. Temperatures may go from extreme cold to extremely hot. So bring them in after every game.

And if you play on the road, don’t let your cue stick case stay in the car while you grab lunch. Very hot temperatures may cause wood deterioration or warping.

4 Pool Cue Shaft Maintenance Products You Can Buy

Here are 4 products to consider if you’re serious about maintaining the look and feel of a prime pool cue shaft.

1. McDermott Silky Shaft Wax

This 50-gram green ECO wax is a bestseller. It gives micro-protection for a wooden shaft. The formula will clean, seal, and improve the condition of any wooden pool cue shaft.

Use this product in small amounts using a clean, soft cloth, or your hand. Spread it onto your playing cue stick shaft and feel it smoothen in one application.

2. Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Conditioner

This ultimate treatment conditioner keeps your composite cue in brand new playing condition. This product works best for fiberglass and graphite composite cues. In one product you get both a cleaner and conditioner for the ferrule and cue shaft.

Use when needed. It cleans any residue that prevents a smooth playing stroke. Get this 40ml bottle conveniently on Amazon.

3. Cue Shaft Joint Protector

This tool maintains the straightness and cleanliness of your cue stick joints. Without protective caps, the cue shaft ends may gather dust and grime. This will make screwing difficult. In many cases, you may even break the pin when you try to screw together your dirty pool cue stick.

Cue shaft joint protectors often come as a set of male and female caps that you put on either end of the cue stick joints. You can get one pair from online sites like Amazon.

Some are generic. Others fit only select models. So check your cue stick joint sizes before buying one.

4. Household Toothpaste

Yes. A number of pool players swear to the effectiveness of using some toothpaste to clean your cue shaft especially the ferrule. They say it removes the blue stain from chalk and keeps your ferule looking sharp and clean.

Repairing a Dented Pool Cue Shaft

Accidents can’t be avoided. But with proper care and storage, your pool cue stick shouldn’t get nicked and dented as much. First, make sure to put your pool cue stick back in its appointed rack after enjoying a game of pool.

Second, always use a carrying case or good quality cue stick bag if you must take your pool instrument outdoor.

Third, apply treatment products as soon as you notice nicks and dents in the shaft. You can check out  Cue Doctor Pool Cue Shaft Dent Buffer to smoothen out any dent or scratch.

Recommended Cleaning Materials for Maintaining Your Cue Stick Shaft

Your cue stick doesn’t need heavy cleaning tools or materials. You can use any of the following:

  • A microfiber cleaning cloth
  • One soft sponge
  • A gentle, smooth rag
  • One Melamine foam
  • Some absorbent paper towels for efficient drying

Some also recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for cleaning your cue stick shaft. It does have formaldehyde. So check whether it’s safe to use for your specific cue stick material.

3 Cue Stick Accessories that Help You Maintain Your Pool Cue Shaft

Pool players have several accessories that help them maintain the quality and performance of their pool cue shaft. We mentioned a cue stick carrying case. It’s a basic accessory for safety. Besides that, you can look into getting one of these:

1. A Pair of Gloves

When you use a dedicated set of gloves for pool players, you keep your sweat off of your cue stick. This greatly prolongs the life of your shaft.

2. Pool Cue Tip Protectors

These are often made of a rubber material. Snap one on at the tip of your pool cue shaft to protect it from contact with dirt. It also preserves the shape of your pool cue stick tip.

3. Portable Cue Stick Rests

These are slim and compact accessories that you can use in place of a cue stick rack. This is a useful accessory to bring along when you’re having a game of pool in a public pool table. You place on a level surface somewhere.

Simply rest your pool cue stick within the indentation to secure your cue stick in a standing position. Prevent accidental falls with this cool accessory.

Related Questions

1. Which Part is the Pool Cue Shaft?

Pool cues sticks come in 1 full piece or 2-piece sets. For 2-piece cue sticks, the upper part that connects is the pool cue shaft. The cue shaft will also contain the tip and ferrule.

The tip is that part of the cue stick players strike the pool balls with. On the other hand, the ferrule is that part right under the cue stick shaft tip. The ferrule takes most of the impact in order to protect the shaft wood. It is usually carbon fiber or plastic.

2. Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Pool Cue Shaft?

Over time, your pool cue accumulates grime and dirt. Your sweat also transfers onto the playing stick. In addition to that, chalk can gather on the stick. You need to maintain and apply cleaning methods. Else, your shaft won’t glide through your hands as smoothly as you need it to.

3. How long should a cue tip last?

On average, a well-maintained cue tip should last about six months. It will depend on how often you use the tip, however, it is recommended that you change it every size months. 

4. Can you fix a warped pool cue?

It is possible to fix small bends in the cue with your own strength. Place your cue at a sixty-degree angle to the floor, place one of your hands, palm facing down on the bend, and put some pressure on it. It should easily bend back into shape. Turn the cue around and repeat the process until it is straightened. 

5.  How do I check if my cue is straight?

To check if your cue is straight, hold it by the butt end and look down the length of the shaft with one eye closed, then rotate it by 360 degrees to tell whether or not it is straight. 

Final Thoughts

One of the keys to good gameplay is the proper maintenance of your pool cue shaft. Do it naturally by wiping your cue shaft with a damp and non-abrasive cloth or paper towel.

There are also best-selling products like McDermott Silky shaft wax (see Amazon) and Cuetec Hi-Tech cue conditioner and others that you can use to gently and effectively maintain and preserve the quality and feel of your pool cue shaft.

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