How To Clean Aramith Pool Balls

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Aramith pool balls are easily the best pool balls that money can buy. They have been rated to last up to 40-years for general home use! Of course, if you want to enjoy a lifespan this high, then you will need to ensure that you keep the balls in perfect condition. This means cleaning them properly. Thankfully, you have us to help you out.

So, how do you clean Aramith pool balls? All you need is some paper, a microfiber cloth, and some pool ball cleaner. You can even add some pool ball restorer if you want. Sprinkle a drop of the cleaner on the ball, polish with the microfiber cloth, and buff it up with some clean paper. If you do this, your pool balls will look great.

Of course, if you really want to make your Aramith pool balls shine, then there are a few extra steps that you can add to the ball cleaning process. Let our experts tell you exactly what you need to do.

How to Clean Aramith Pool Balls

Here, we want to tell you exactly how to get a proper shine on your Aramith pool balls. For this, you are going to need access to a small amount of kit. This includes:

  • Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer
  • Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner
  • Aramith Microfiber cloth
  • An electric buffer, or a small amount of soft dry paper if you do not have access to an electric buffer.

Add the Ball Restorer

You will not always need to use ball restorer on your pool balls. Our experts suggest that you use ball restorer once every three to four cleans.

Add a small drop of the ball restorer to the billiard balls. You can then gently rub the billiard balls with your microfiber cloth. 

It is so important that you rub gently here. While microfiber cloth is unlikely to damage the balls, there may be small amounts of chalk or dust on the billiard ball that could end up scratching the surface of the ball if you put too much pressure on it.

Add the Ball Cleaner

You can now do the same with the ball cleaner. Add a small drop to the ball, and gently rub it with the microfiber cloth. 

Buff the Pool Balls

The final step is to buff the pool balls. There are a couple of ways that you do this.

If you are a bit pressed for time, then you do not need to much more than rub the pool balls down with a small amount of soft tissue paper. All you are really going to be doing is drying up the pool balls off, and since you will only have applied a single drop of ball cleaner, this shouldn’t take too long.

If you really want to get the maximum shine on the pool balls, then you can pull out an electric buffer with a soft mop head.

Which Pool Ball Cleaner Should You Use?

You should only ever be using products from Aramith to clean your pool balls. While there are alternatives on the market, we have found none of them are as effective as the ‘real deal’. Luckily for you, everything that you need is included in a single package:

Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner

This is a vital piece of a pool ball cleaning kit. This is what you will need to be using each time you clean your Aramith billiard balls.

This billiard ball cleaner comes in a rather sizeable bottle. Since you only need to use a small amount on each ball, it should last a reasonable amount of time. It is perfect for injecting a bit of shine into your balls and ensuring that they remain looking good for years.

Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer

Have your Aramith pool balls lost their shine? This product will perk them rather quickly. You will want to be using this at least once per month.

Aramith Microfiber Cloth

You need a microfiber cloth to clean your pool balls, so why not pick up the Aramith one? This has been made to an incredibly high-standard, which means you can ensure the perfect clean on your pool balls.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Balls?

Ideally, you would clean your Aramith pool balls after each game. However, we know that this is likely not going to be feasible for most people. If you can dust them off with a decent microfiber cloth after each play session, then this would be a good start.

At least once a week you should be using Armaith pool ball cleaner. This means that you should be following the exact process that we detailed before. This will ensure that your pool balls last as long as possible.

Related Questions

How long do Aramith pool balls last?

This is going to be dependent on how often you play with your Armaith pool balls. While they are of a high quality, they will not last forever. Aramaith claims that their balls can last up to 40-years with general home use. However, if you are playing every single day, then expect the balls to last for 2-3 years before you should replace them.

Can use soap to clean Aramith pool balls?

You can. It is not recommended, though. Soap may ruin the coating of the pool balls. This could drastically shorten their lifespan. You should always make sure that you use proper Aramith pool ball cleaner to keep your balls in pristine condition.

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