How to Clean a Pool Table Brush?

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If you own a home pool table which is regularly used, the table felt will get dirty and must be cleaned regularly if you wish to prolong the life of your table felt. The best way to do this, and a must-have billiards accessory is a pool table brush. The brush itself can get dirty in a while so you should clean it too (it’s no good cleaning the table with a dirty brush!).

How to clean a pool table brush? Although a pool table brush will not get dirty too fast, a good practice is to run a good metal comb through it once a while or if it gets really dirty you can even wash it with some soap and water.

Basically, it’s not hard. There’s no special cleaning liquid that you have to use or anything. All you need to do are a few simple things which we will explain in this article.

What is a pool table brush and how to use it?

It’s a cleaning brush that looks very similar to a clothes brush, and it is used to clean the pool table cloth or felt. It’s wooden, about 8 inches long and the bristles are usually made of nylon because it is gentle and does not pull on the felt surface. It is also dual-length, meaning it has bristles of two lengths, which allows it to clean hard-to-reach spots.

It is a must-have pool accessory and easily available on Amazon.

How to use a pool table brush?

Using a brush is simple, but you have to be gentle with the table felt. Use the brush to sweep the dust and particles on the table, gently stroking in one direction. Don’t go back and forth or in circular motions, as this will damage the cloth. Also don’t rub too hard.

First work around the edges and the pockets to sweep the dirt there towards the center. Next, sweep the whole table from one end to the other in one direction and at the end, use a dustpan with soft edges to collect all the debris.

Tips to clean a pool table brush

A pool table brush will not accumulate dirt very fast and needs very little maintenance. It is good to clean your brush occasionally.

Now there are just a few things to note for keeping your pool table brush clean:

  • When not in use, keep the brush itself in a clean, closed cupboard or shelf where dust from the environment can’t reach it. This way your brush can last a lifetime with very little maintenance.
  • After every use, don’t just put the brush back as it is. First shake off the excess dust and particles. Then simply use your hand to brush any dust off the bristles. A good way is to stroke it across your palm, and that will do the job (there isn’t much dust sticking to it anyway).
  • Never use cloth to clean the brush, as that might leave some lint, fuzz or tiny threads between the bristles. This would do more harm than good as the lint would then stick to the pool table when you use the brush on it (kind of defeats the purpose of the brush!).
  • Now and then, use a metal or plastic comb to clean the bristles. The teeth of the comb will reach deep into the bristles and brush off any particles your hand cannot reach. Just run the comb through the bristles enough times till it looks clean enough.
  • If you feel the brush has gotten too dirty, use a little soap and water to wash it. Shake the water out thoroughly afterwards and then dry it. Don’t keep it back in the cupboard while it is damp as that will damage the wood!
  • To keep the wood looking polished, you can rub some linseed or mineral oil on it just once a year, but this is completely optional.

And that’s all!

Related Questions

What can I use to clean a pool table?

You might be tempted to vacuum your pool table, but don’t. Unless it’s extremely gentle, using a vacuum on a pool table is a mistake because it will pull on the felt and cause lint and fuzz to start sticking out, damaging the surface in the long run.

A special pool table brush is the best cleaning option. However, if you are not satisfied with the brush only, you can occasionally dampen a smooth cotton cloth, and pat it gently on the table to clean it.

How often should you brush your pool table?

It is recommended to brush your pool table after every play to remove chalk and dirt particles.

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