How to Add Weight to a Snooker Cue

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For pool players, the pool cue is a very important tool for the game, thus its condition is treated as a priority at all time. Apart from cleaning it regularly and keeping it safely, the cue stick weight is an important factor. If your cue stick is too heavy or too light, it is a relief to learn that the cue weight can be adjusted.

So, how do you add weight to a snooker cue? Most pool cues have a system of interchangeable bolts with which you can always adjust the weight to fit your preferences.

This article gives an in-depth understanding of lighter and heavier cues, how to add weight to the cue and other related questions. Keep reading.

How Do You Select Your Pool Cue Weight?

First, before you can think of adjusting your pool cue weight, you must determine what weight is suitable for you. Do not select pool cue weight based on what others are using. This should all e guided by your abilities.

The standard scale for pool cue weight is usually 18, 19, 20, and 21 ounces. Some exceptions apply where some may be heavier than 21 ounces, or lighter than 18 ounces.

A lighter cue will create more snap, making the cue ball lively while the object ball is pocketed slowly. With a heavier cue, the ball goes into the pocket faster, and the white ball becomes more lethargic.

Now, if you are not sure which weight to use, start with 19 ounces; with time, you will have mastered your style and known the exact weight that works for you.

So, How Do You Adjust the Cue Stick Weight?

If you are finding it hard to draw the ball, your cue could be heavier. For trouble having the cue ball in control, the cue could be too light. Luckily, cue weights are adjustable.

Below is a guide for changing the pool cue weight.

  • Confirm if the cue is weight-adjustable

Note that not all cues can be weight-adjusted. To check whether yours can be adjusted, check the cue base for the rubber bumper that serves as a cover; remove it. For a weight-adjustable cue, the back piece will unscrew to access the weight bolt. However, if the back piece is immovable, then you know the cue’s weight is not adjustable.

  • Measure the cue’s weight before removing the weight bolts

It is vital to know the current weight of the cue together with the weight bolts, to know the amount of weight to add or remove. Now proceed to remove the weight bolt using screwdriver or wrench.

You can weigh the bolt alone or the cue without the weight bolt. Remember, once the weight bolt is removed, the cue weight remains constant.

  • Adding/Removing Weights

Now that you know the constant weight of the pool cue and that of its weight bolt, now you can determine the weight of the replacing bolt.

Assuming that the cue is 19 ounces and its weight bolt is 1 ounce, and you want it to weigh 21 ounces, you will remove the 1-ounce bolt and replace it with a 2-ounce bolt.

This process is universal for all weight-adjustable cues regardless of the brand. However, with some cues, you may need special tools for removing the rubber bumper while with others you simply lift the bumper in a straightforward way.

Remember to strike a balance while doing your adjustment; you do not want to make it too heavy or too light.

Options for Weight Bolts

After learning how to add weight to a pool cue, it is important to note that weight bolts are not a one-size fits-all.

Usually, every cue company produces their specific weight bolts. Thus, you must take time when selecting what weight bolt to add to different cue sticks.

The good thing is that these bolts are stackable, and you can add as much weight as you can. However, in terms of weight, the pool cues might not take additional weight past 21-22 ounces. For this case, you will have to purchase a specific cue that weighs more than this. As already said there are exceptional cues weighing more than 21 ounces.

Related Questions

What is the ideal snooker cue weight?

Cue weights commonly range between 18-21 ounces. For a snooker cue, the ideal weight could be between 18.5 and 21 ounces. However, depending on what you prefer, you can add or reduce that weight to suit you.

Is there ideal weight for a break cue?

The weight of a break cue depends on what an individual likes. However, heavy break cues may tend to break due to the impact compared to lighter cue. Therefore, for break cues, you may consider a lighter one between 18 and 21 ounces.

Are there disadvantages of using a lighter cue?

With a lighter cue, you must be good at cue ball control and energy put in each shot, a skill that takes years to master. Otherwise, it may be difficult controlling sidespin using one.

Which is the heaviest accepted pool cue?

The Elite heavy break Cue is the legally accepted heaviest pool cue with 27 ounces. Not many people can manage using it, but there you have it. It is the heaviest.

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