How Much Does It Cost To Play Pool

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Playing pool is one of the best ways to pass time and have fun, especially during happy hour. However, just like any other good thing, playing pool may sometimes come at a cost. It could be the cost of purchasing an entire pool table or paying to play among mates, say in a bar. In this article, we will be looking at the latter.

So how much does it cost to play pool? The cost of playing pool ranges from between $10- 15$ per person per hour. This is not to say that there are no lower charges. Playing pool can sometimes go as low as $1 per hour per person, depending on the bar or hall you are at and the timing. Besides the regular per person per hour pool games, we have the pool games that go for -7 cents per game.

This article will look at the cost of playing pool, how to play pool at a bar, and other related issues. Keep reading to learn more.

Cost of Playing Pool

Pool games are common in facilities like bars, pubs, hotels, leisure clubs, pool halls and sports clubs, to mention but a few. The cost of playing pool at these facilities will differ. For instance, playing pool at a bar is often cheaper than playing pool at a sports club.

It is common for pool games to be offered for free or at a small cost in a bar or pub. When you are enjoying your whiskey or beer, you get to play pool with your mates. On the other hand, in places like leisure clubs and pool halls, the playing pool’s cost may be a notch higher. This is because these facilities are specifically designed for playing pool. As such, the conditions of the pool table and the environment are ideally very suitable. To account for the value of money, you end up paying more to play pool games.

Other than the regular day-to-day payment, some private clubs offer membership. Most membership fees range from $50 a year per person to $150 per year per person. However, the fee is subject to the type of club. There are also other types of membership subscriptions, weekly and monthly. 

Another form of playing pool table games is using peak hours and normal hours. In this case, the cost of playing pool during peak hours can be as high as $10 per person per hour. While during regular hours, it can go as low as $5 per person per hour. 

Moreover, some special events are offered; for instance, pay $15 to play all night or free playing during happy hour.

All these go to show that the charge of playing pool varies depending on where you play the pool, the hours, the events, and whether you are using a membership.

How to Play Pool at a Bar

Now that you know the cost of playing pool, what do you do when you walk into a bar? We have highlighted some unwritten rules for playing pool at a bar.

  • First, you have to sign up. In a bar, there are always people playing and a list of other waiting. The list is often on a chalkboard, make sure you sign up and join the list.
  • Always pay attention to who is playing so that you do not miss your turn. When your turn comes, you will play the winner of the last game.
  • Before you play your game, there are always some house rules always ask the bartender or a buddy next to you.
  • Between the last game and your game, there will be a break. If you are new to the bar, you can offer to rack to create a friendly mood.
  • Before striking your ball, always call your shot. You can call your shot by pointing at the balls or stating its position. The only time you are allowed not to call shot is if the cue ball is so close to the target ball and that makes it obvious.
  • Placing bets, especially with money, is not allowed when playing pool. The most you are allowed to do is buy your buddy a drink to defeat you, but money is not allowed.

Related Questions

Should I buy a pool table or use the ones at pool halls and pubs? 

Comparing the cost of purchasing a pool table and installing it in your home to the playing pool at a club depends on various factors. For instance, how regularly do you play pool? If you like the game and you play it, say, twice a week, buying a pool table may be a good move at cultivating your skills.

However, it does not end at liking the game; you should consider if you have space in your apartment or home. Notice that pool tables come in big sizes. Even for the small size pool table, you will still require ample space on all sides to line up shots. So before you rush to buy a pool table, consider if you have ample space.

Most importantly, the final cost of installing the pool table in your home including all other essential gear like cue racks, sticks, balls, and even a board.

If you put all these factors and costs into consideration and compare them to the money you use to play pool at a club, then you can determine which works in favor of your finances.

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Can I make money from playing pool? 

You can make money from playing pool, but you will have to sign up for tournaments to compete with professional pool players. Did you know some players play pool as a job? Professional players play against other professional players in tournaments. Depending on the type of game, the winner goes home with the available cash prizes.

In some tournaments, the top 10 are awarded. Some of the popular tournaments include the World Cup of Pool and Euro tour. That said, note that you cannot earn money from playing as a regular player in a pub. Also, as mentioned before, bets are not allowed to be placed against a game of pool.

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