How Much Does An 8 Foot Pool Table Weigh

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8-foot pool tables are among the largest of pool tables. As a result, they can be rather weighty. If weight is important, then it is vital that you take great care in choosing the pool table that is right for you. Read on and discover exactly how much a pool table can weigh, as well as details on how to choose a table that weighs a little less.

A lot of people wonder how much an 8-foot pool table weighs. Generally speaking, a pool table of this size is likely to weigh somewhere between 300lbs and 1000lbs. The overall weight will be dependent on a number of different factors. This includes construction material.

The materials the pool table is constructed from will have a huge influence on how much a pool table could potentially weigh. Read on to discover exactly how much this weight could potentially change.

How Much Does an 8-foot pool table weigh?

The average 8-foot pool table will weigh between 300lbs and 1000lbs. While there are lighter options, as well as heavier ones, these are a bit rarer. There are several factors that can influence how heavy a pool table is. If weight is a concern, then it is important to understand these.

Slate Pool Tables

Slate pool tables have a surface made of stone. One of the heaviest stones, in fact. As a result, the table is already going to be on the heavier side of things. You will struggle to find a slate pool table that weighs under 700lbs, with most being far in excess of this.

The thickness of the slate will have a major impact on the table weight. Even shaving 1/4″ off the slate thickness can reduce the weight by 100lbs or more. This is because the slate surface accounts for about 70″ of the table’s weight.

Because slate is so heavy, the construction materials for the rest of the pool table need to be of a better quality too. For example; the legs need to be strong and sturdy to support the slate top. All of this will contribute to the overall weight of the pool table.

Solid slate pools tables will be lighter than those broken down into multiple pieces of slate. However, they will also be a lot more difficult to move.

Slate pool tables weigh so much that it would be impossible to move one on your own, even if the pool table is broken down into pieces.

Particleboard (MDF Pool Tables)

Particleboard (sometimes listed as MDF) will be considerably lighter than slate. In fact, these pool tables can start at about 300lbs in weight. This is for a quality pool table.

While particleboard does come in varying thicknesses, this is not going to have that much of an impact on overall weight. As a result, it is best to opt for a pool table with the thickest playing surface you can afford. This will help increase the lifespan of the pool table as particleboard is less prone to warping.

The main factor in the weight of MDF pool tables will likely be what the rest of the table is constructed of e.g. the legs, cushions, pockets etc.

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Design of the table

The overall design of the pool table will influence the weight. Often, as much as 100lbs, perhaps more if the table surface is made from particleboard.

After the playing surface, the legs are the next heaviest part of the pool table. While slate pool tables will almost always use solid wood to provide the right amount of support, particleboard pool tables can use a variety of different materials. Plastic or metal can provide a decent amount of support, but be a lighter option than solid wood.

The pool fabric and the construction material for the pool table’s cushions could also influence the weight. Although, the weight influence will be negligible. It is probably best to choose something decent here as opposed to worrying too much about whether a rubber or foam cushion would be better for weight.


If a pool table has been designed to be portable, then the weight can often go as low as 150lb to 200lb. This is because the table will have been designed to be moved by one or two people. These tables will always have a surface made from particleboard.

It is important to remember that portable pool tables are not going to be as stable as the permanent options. Unless weight and portability are important to you, then it is probably best to avoid going down this route.

Can You Find Lighter Slate Pool Tables?

Slate is very heavy. As a result, it is unlikely that the weight of a slate pool table can be reduced by all that much. However, if you do wish for a slate pool table but do not want something that is astronomically heavy, you can check to see the thickness of the slate that is used.

The ‘ideal’ pool table will use 1″ thick slate. While there are thicker slate options on the market, it isn’t really required. For most people, this will just be adding to the weight and price with very little benefit. If you find that even the 1″ option is too heavy, you can also opt for a smaller 3/4″ thickness slate. These can be more difficult to find, however.

The overall design of the table will also influence weight. For example; an intricate design in solid wood will weigh a lot more than something made from cheaper wood options. There is very little point in trying to cut weight here, though. On a slate pool table, the wood will only be a fraction of the weight.

Do Floors Need To Be Reinforced With an 8-Foot Pool Table?

Probably not. This is true, even if you place the 8-foot pool table on one of the upper levels of your home.

Most homes have floors that are capable of holding the weight of an 8-foot pool table. In fact, if you consider all the furniture that is normally added to a room, the pool table would be a mere fraction of that weight. So, you probably do not need to worry about a pool table making a huge hole in your floor.

If you do have an older property and are unsure as to whether you can place an 8-foot pool table in there, then by all means consult a structural engineer. This will give you peace of mind.

Related Questions

What is the easiest way to move a slate 8-foot pool table?

The simplest method for moving a slate 8-foot pool table is to hire a professional mover, preferably one experienced in pool tables. This is the only way to ensure that the pool table is moved safely, with the minimum risk of damage occurring. You should never try to move a slate pool table on your own.

Can a heavy pool table damage the floor?

Unlikely. Floors are built to withstand weights far in excess of that of a pool table. Some older properties may have weaker floors, but this is rare. If you are unsure as to whether your floors can cope with a pool table, then the best option would be to consult with a structural engineer.

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