How Much Does A Valley Pool Table Weigh?

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Valley makes some of the most rugged pool tables in the business. While they do have one model built for ‘at home’ use, the bulk of their range is coin-operated. This means that you can find their products scattered throughout bars and clubs in the United States. Here, our experts want to talk a little bit about Valley pool tables. In particular, we want to discuss how much they weigh and how you should be moving them about.

So, how much does a Valley pool table weigh? Well, this depends on the size of the table that you purchase. They can vary from 605lbs on the lower end of the spectrum, all the way up to a whopping 860lbs. Because Valley has standardized its range outside the electronics in the table, there will not be that much variance in this weight, no matter which model you do end up purchasing. 

Let our experts go into a bit more depth on this for you. As well as give you a bit of information on how you can move one of these brilliant tables from Point A to Point B. 

How Much Does a Valley Pool Table Weigh?

Valley pool tables have a slate surface. This means that it is a brilliant playing surface, but it is going to be on the heavier side of things. They will always use a one-piece slate for their tables. Many of their tables will also come loaded with a ton of electronics, which can add a considerable amount to how heavy the table actually is.

Due to the breadth of the Valley pool table range, it would be impossible for us to give you the weight for every unit that they have. However, we want to go through the most popular models. This way, you will know exactly what weight to expect if you pick one of them up. 

Panther Home

Valley makes a single pool table for ‘at home’ use. This pool table is available in several different configurations. These configurations are essentially their coin-operated models with all the coin-operated electronics removed. These electronics can add quite a bit to the weight, so if you do not need them, don’t get them. The basic Panther Home model has the following weights:

  • 6.5 feet tables: 605lbs
  • 7 feet tables: 670lbs
  • 8 feet tables: 845lbs

Valley Panther Coin-Operated Pool Tables

All of the Valley Panther coin-operated tables should be similar when it comes to their weight, give or take a few lbs. This is because each model has slightly different electronics configurations, and maybe a small change in the wood used for the cabinet. For most people, this shouldn’t matter. When it is just a 5-6lbs difference, this isn’t really going to have that much of an impact on where you place the table, or how easy it is going to be to move:

  • 6.5-feet tables: 652lbs
  • 7-feet tables: 710lbs
  • 8-feet tables: 860lbs

As you can see, the electronics can add anywhere from 15lbs to 40lbs to the table in comparison to the home version. You will notice a bigger difference down the lower end of the table size. This is because the shorter home units will use a slightly thinner piece of slate than their coin-operated counterparts. This is because the home unit isn’t really built for the same intense use that a coin-operated piece of equipment would get.

How Do You Move a Valley Pool Table?

One of the major benefits of owning a Valley pool table is that it makes use of a solid, single piece of slate. This gives a smooth playing surface ‘for life’. However, having a single solid piece of slate will cause some issues when it comes to moving it. So, we hope that you do not plan on moving your Valley pool table all that much.

The only way we would ever suggest moving a slate pool table is by hiring a company that has experience in this. For the sake of a few hundred dollars, you won’t be running the risk of your Valley pool table breaking during transport. After all, while slate is a rather solid piece of material, if it is handled incorrectly and dropped from a height, there is a chance that it could break. A professional company would always have equipment that can remove everything safely.

During transport, it is likely that the table’s cloth will have to be removed. Ideally, you would replace the table cloth with a new one. After all, there is no better time to replace the cloth than when it has just been removed from the table, right? That being said, the old cloth could be placed on the table again. It will need to be stretched, however. This is something that can only be done twice before the cloth becomes useless.

Should You Place a Valley Pool Table on the Ground Floor?

Preferably, yes. These tables can be quite bulky. While we are sure that an upper floor may support the weight of the Valley pool table, you do have to bear in mind that all of that weight is going to be focused on one location. Once you add people to the room, and whatever else furniture you have, then you will really be pushing that floor to the limit.

Of course, it is also more difficult to move a pool table like this upstairs.

Related Questions

Are Valley and Dynamo The Same Company?

They have been since 1999. Dynamo was once a competitor to Valley until Valley decided to purchase them. The Dynamo product line is now being phased out by Valley. Due to their solid construction, it is likely that you will continue to see Dynamo pool tables for decades to come ‘out in the wild’.

Can Valley Coin-Op Pool Tables be Switched to ‘Free to Play’?

Yes. The owner of the pool table is free to set whatever price they want for the pool table. Some of their coin-op products also offer dynamic pricing. This means that the pool table will change the price throughout the day. This is great for those that want to charge higher prices during the peak hours of play.

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