How Long Do MDF Pool Tables Last

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How Long Do MDF pool Tables Last

MDF pool tables are not going to last as long as their slate counterparts. In fact, they will only last a fraction of the time. On this page, we want to tell you roughly how long you can expect an MDF pool table to last, as well as a few things you can do to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

So, how long do MDF pool tables last? Well, this is going to be dependent on several different factors. A lot will hinge on the manufacturer of the table. However, the conditions you store your table in will also have a huge impact on the length of time that it lasts. Generally speaking, it is unlikely that you will get more than 5-10 years of use out of an MDF pool table.

Of course, this doesn’t tell the full story, and we have plenty more information to share with you to help ensure that you can get the absolute most out of your pool table. Read on.

How long do MDF pool tables last?

It depends. Most people report that their MDF pool table will give them between 5-10 years of happy use. Although, you may find that your play is hampered a little bit when you play at the upper end of the scale. There are several factors that can influence how long your MDF pool table will last.

The Manufacturer

Manufacturers spend a lot of time designing their pool tables. Obviously, the cheaper pool tables on the market are going to last the shortest amount of time. The more you pay, the better the table is likely to be.

Now, even if you purchase one of the most expensive pool tables on the market, you would still be lucky to get over a decade of decent use out of it. However, it is likely going to last a whole lot longer.

The reason why more expensive pool tables last longer is due to the fact that they are sealed a little bit better, and they have been constructed from higher quality materials. This means that they are less prone to damage and warping.

The Environment

The environment will have a huge impact on how long an MDF pool table lasts. The more humid and hot the environment is, the less likely your pool table is going to last, even if you purchase something of exceedingly high quality.

MDF pool tables will never do well in the most humid parts of the United States. If you live here, then it is probably best to invest in a quality slate table, otherwise, you will be forever replacing your pool table. The cost of that is going to add up rather quickly!

How much use the table has

The more you use the pool table, the less time it will last.

If you are barely using the pool table, then you may actually be able to get a good couple of decades of use out of it. This is assuming that you are using it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. It is not uncommon, but that is only if you are playing for a few hours per week.

If you are playing for hours and hours a week i.e. every day, then each shot you take will be hampering the playing surface. Remember; MDF is a soft material. Each time you take a shot, your cue may come into contact with the MDF. This can cause a small dent in it. While one dent won’t matter, they can really start to add up over time.

How stable the table is

If the MDF pool table is on rather weak legs, then every single shot you take will be contributing to the decline of the playing surface. After all, each time the table rocks a little bit, the MDF will start to become warped a little.

To combat this, it is worth buying a pool table with a solid stand. While you are still not going to be completely eradicating the problem, it may help to get a few more years of life out of your pool table.

What happens at the end of a pool table’s life span?

There will be small pits in the surface of the table, and small inclines and declines. This will change how the ball moves. Play will become slower, and you feel like you have less control over your game.

How can you ensure that an MDF pool table lasts as long as possible?

Perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure that your MDF pool table lasts as long as possible is to ensure that you keep it in a humidity-controlled environment. Perhaps the quickest way to warp this type of pool table is through humidity.

This applies even if you have an MDF pool table that sits on the more expensive side of things. Even they are not immune to warping. In the most humid of environments, it doesn’t matter if you have the highest quality table ever, you will notice that your play is hampered after barely a year of use.

You should also ensure that you treat the table with respect. Be gentle with it. Do not place heavy loads onto the table. Do not drive the pool cue into the table. Ensure that you brush off any chalk as quickly as you can.

Can you play on a warped pool table?

Sort-of, yes.

Once your pool table has started to warp, you cannot reverse the process. It will continue to get worse. However, at the start, the warping is going to be fairly minor. You will notice an impact on your game, but not too much. If you are just playing a couple of frames here and there, then the warping will likely not bother you.

Sooner or later you will need to replace that MDF pool table, though. At some point, the warping is going to be so awful that it simply will not be any fun to play on it.

Related Questions

How do you know when an MDF pool table should be replaced?

If you notice that the balls on the table are moving in odd directions, or perhaps not moving in the same way they did in the past, then there is a strong chance that the MDF pool table should be replaced. This will normally happen after a few years.

Can you replace the fabric on an MDF pool table?

It depends on the manufacturer of the table. Cheaper MDF pool tables cannot have their fabric replaced. It wouldn’t be economically viable. If you are buying a slightly more expensive table, then there is a chance that you can replace the fabric. It will normally say in the manual for the pool table.

Do pros play on MDF pool tables?

Pros will only play on slate pool tables. They will never play on MDF. This is because even ‘fresh out of the box’, an MDF pool table is not going to be completely flat. This is something that could hamper play. If you are serious about pool, then you would never invest in an MDF table. They are for amateurs and hobbyists.

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