Do Bars Charge To Play Pool

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You are at your local bar enjoying your evening drink. At the far end corner, you see some people enjoying the game of pool and you really wish to join them and beat boredom. However, you do not know the protocols to follow.

First, do bars charge to play pool or is it free? The answer is yes, bars do charge their patrons to play pool. While the bar pool is meant to entertain the revelers so that they can stay longer, it is never free. Just like any other service at the bar, you will also be required to pay a certain amount to play pool.

This article will highlight the cost of playing pool at bar, how to play at a bar and bar pool etiquette, and other related questions.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Pool At Bar?

As seen already, you have to pay a certain fee to play pool at a bar. Some bars have an hourly rate while others charge per game.

There is not any uniform charges for all bars, thus the amount paid depends on the bar you are in and the location. Some bars may charge 2 or 3 dollars per game or as high as up to 10 dollars per hour. Thus, whenever you go to a new bar with a pool, enquire about their charges before you get down to enjoy a couple of games.

Is the Game of Pool at a Bar Any Different?

You will realize that playing at a bar is quite interesting. The environment is friendly, and you get a chance to play with potentially great competitors. Sometimes you will even have an audience cheering you on, making it even more fun trying to show off your prowess.

However, there might be slight differences regarding the rules. In every bar, depending on the regular players, there might be certain house rules, which may not apply universally. Nevertheless, ultimately, most of the applying rules are those virtually acceptable in all places.

That said, when playing at a bar; ensure to acquaint yourself with the following:

  • First, ensure you know the basic rules of pool as these apply universally. Some of the rules may include fouls and penalties, legal scores, when a win is determined, and basically all rules of playing pool.
  • Expect and accept the slight rule variations that may come in, depending on where the bar is. Different counties or regions may be practicing certain rules that you are not accustomed. For instance, they may not really follow tournament rules strictly. Remember, most players at bar are playing just for fun, unless there is a bet placed. You can talk to some of the players in the bar and be aware to avoid surprises while in the middle of an exciting game.
  • When, playing at bar, the winner usually ‘owns’ the table. He or she will definitely take part in the next game, make decisions such as who to break and even declare some special rule for the next game. Thus, if you take part, be ready to respect this until it’s your time as a winner.
  • Normally at a bar, there might be a couple of people waiting in line to play. It is courteous to inquire about the order of play so that you know if there are others before you.

Pool Table Etiquette to Consider While Playing At A Bar

Pool is just like any other game; emotions can run high and anything could happen. When playing at a bar, any negative outcome can be prevented with the practice of the following measures.

  • Give each other ample space to play. When it is your opponent’s turn, do not be all over the table trying to guess what shot they are about to take. Take a step back, and when it is your turn, the other player will do the same.
  • Avoid the small talk. Some player love their quiet in order to concentrate on the shot, thus small talk will not do them any good.
  • Avoid putting your drink on the pool table as this takes up space and worse still, it might even spill, leaving unwanted stains on the felt.
  • Do not be a distraction to the other players whether by accident or on purpose.
  • Inquire about the house rules so that they won’t cause any problem in the course of the game.
  • Remember that the challenger or loser who pays for the game for a chance to play with the winner of the previous game.
  • In the wake of Covid-19, ensure to practice proper sanitization. Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and before and after the game.

Related Questions

Can you make money by playing pool?

Yes, you can make money by playing pool at a professional level where you participate in tournaments and other competitions. Also, locally, you can still compete with your opponents where the winner gets the money raised. However, on this, if you are playing at bar, you must first consult whether they accept money incentives at pool.

Who pays for a game of pool at bar?

Usually, the winner of the previous game owns the table. Thus, a new comer, or the loser or the challenge pays for a game so that he or she can compete with the winner.

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