4 Best Cuetec Pool Cue Reviews for 2023

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The Cuetec company has been in the pool cue business since 1989 and has gained a solid reputation for its durable and high-performance cues. It is hard to pick the best cues when they are all of quite a high standard and Cuetec has an extensive range. We have made it easier for you to choose by providing you with our 4 best Cuetec pool cue reviews.

Brand#1. Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ 2 piece#2. Cuetec Warrior Series 58″ 2 piece #3. Cuetec Cynergy Propel Jump cue#4. Cuetec Gen Tek series 58″ 2 piece 
Dimension58″ 2 piece58″ 2 pieceShaft Length: 29″ Main Handle Length: 15″ Extension Handle Length: 3.46″58″ 2 piece
WeightAdjustable, 18 to 21oz 19 and 20oz Only11ozAdjustable, to 20oz 
Shaft materialSST Fibreglass Bonded to MapleSST Fibreglass Bonded Cynergy Propel Carbon Fiber Composite Jump ShaftS.S.T. shaft has fiberglass covered Maple wood.
GripVeltex Veltex N/ASport Cushioned P.U. Grip
Joint Pin Size3/8″ x 14″3/8″ x 14″Joint: 3/8×14 Cuetec Modified Joint (21.30mm)3/8″ x 14″
Tip13mm Everest ten leather layers of pig skin13mm Deluxe LeatherTaom® 2.0 Break/Jump Tip oversize 13.9mm13mm Tiger Everest 10 leather Layers of Pigskin
Bumper RubberRubberN/ARubber
Finish Enhanced Glide FinishFiberglassGloss Main Handle and Extension FinishEnhanced-Glide Finish
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#1. Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ 2-Piece Composite Billiard/Pool Cue

This stylish and well-designed pool cue shaft is finished in a black graphite coating to match the forearm and butt sleeve. The Cuetec graphite series cues (see Amazon) offer an enhanced break and have a tip with multiple layer of pig leather that lets a player know when it is ready to be changed by showing up a red color.

The polycarbonate ferrule absorbs impact well, and the Super-Slim tapered shaft has a 15 ½” professional taper and has a special glide finish for a smooth and accurate stroke. The graphite covers a top-grade North American Hardwood butt with a sweat-resistant sure grip of Veltex. You may adjust the balance of your cue by ½ and 1oz increments that are sold separately.

Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ 2-Piece Features at a Glance 

  • 58″ pool cue in two pieces
  • Ten layers of pig leather Everest Tip of 13mm
  • Polycarbonate ferrule resists impact
  • Super Slim Tapered shaft of fiberglass bonded Maple wood
  • Veltex wrap for grip
  • 3/8″ x 14″ joint pin
  • Black implex joint collar and butt cap with chrome trim rings
  • Weight adjustable
  • Accept Cuetec 6″ Smart extension
  • Enhanced glide finish for smooth playing

User/Customer Reviews

The customers were very impressed by the breaking capacity of this cue, particularly the 21oz stick. The Tru- Glide action really made smooth playing, and the cues were streamlined and performed well in play. Some customers complained that the graphite film collected sweat and chalk dust excessively and suggested that buyers carry a cloth during play.

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#2. Cuetec Warrior Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

The Cuetec warrior cue is finished in clear fiberglass covered top-quality North American Maple wood and is scratch, dent, and warp-resistant. The tip is made of deluxe brown leather, and the polycarbonate ferrule is excellent for energy transfer an impact absorption.

The Warrior has a hardwood butte covered in the Cuetec’s grip, which is slip-free and comfortable. This item is reasonably priced and makes a great starter cue available in 19 and 20oz weights only.

Cuetec Warrior Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Cue Features at a Glance

  • 58″ 2 piece cue
  • Deluxe Leather tip of 13mm
  • Polycarbonate ferrule
  • Clear fiberglass covered Maple wood
  • Professional taper
  • Veltex wrap for a steady grip
  • 3/8″ x 14″ joint pin
  • Black implex joint collar
  • Stained hardwood butt with 4-prong design
  • Durable rubber bumper
  • 19 and 20oz weights only

User/Customer Reviews

Users gave the cue a high rating for durability and even in consistent use for several years. They enjoyed the action of the cue and didn’t feel that it lacked additional weight addons. Users frequently mentioned liking the brand so much that they gave this model as gifts to loved ones. 

A few users suggested replacing the deluxe leather tip for a better one, as they felt the tip was a bit hard during play.

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#3.Cuetec Cynergy Propel Carbon Composite Shaft Jump Pool/Billiard Cue Stick Black

This Propel Cue (see Amazon) is a specialized lightweight polycarbonate cue designed to provide a dynamic and accurate jumping experience even at close range. The construction is all carbonate and only weighs 11oz even with the weighted extension attached. 

The propel cue is one of the best Cuetec pool cues, and it is designed to eliminate sidespin with an extra-wide 13.9mm tip. The Taom 2.0 break and Jump tip are made from synthetic compounds that deliver an intense compressed force. The Cuetec Cynergy is the best Cuetec pool cue to provides powerful shots with even a light effort for greater control.

Cuetec Cynergy Propel Carbon Composite Shaft Jump Cue features at a Glance:

  • Cynergy Carbon Fiber Propel jump shaft
  • Carbon fiber main handle
  • Silver accent rings in a double band
  • Gloss main handle an extension finish for smooth action
  • Taom® 2.0 break/Jump tip
  • Shaft Length: 29″
  • Main Handle Length: 15″
  • Extension Handle Length: 3.46″
  • Weight 11oz
  • Oversize 13.9mm tip diameter.

User/Customer reviews

The customers generally gave an excellent rating, expressing their satisfaction with this lightweight cue’s maneuverability and powerful action. Several users mentioned that this cue was a game-changer for their pool playing success. A few did mention that they would have preferred a firmer grip on the high gloss finished handle.

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#4. Cuetec Gen-Tek Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

The Gen-Tek (shop now) features the ten-layer leather Everest tip that indicates a red color to let you know when its time to replace your tip. The shaft features a 15 ½ inch pro taper with an enhanced Glide finish that makes Cuetec renowned for smooth playing. The polycarbonate ferrule absorbs impact and makes for accurate play.

The high quality Maple wood  is covered in a transparent fiberglass layer that protects it from scratches, dents, and warping. The Gen Tek has some contemporary designs to choose from with accents for style. The grip is sweat and slip-free sport grip PU for greater control of your cue. The cue is weight adjustable to ½ and 1oz increments that are sold separately.

Cuetec Gen-Tek Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Cue features at a Glance

  • 13mm Tiger Everest ten-layer Pigskin tip
  • Polycarbonate ferrule
  • Clear fiberglass bonded Maple 
  • Tru-Glide finish
  • Stainless steel joint collar, trim rings, and butt cap
  • Sport cushioned PU grip 
  • Contemporary designs
  • Adjustable weight
  • Durable rubber bumper
  • Accepts 6″ Cuetec Smart Extension

User/Customer reviews

Most Customers felt that the cue was an excellent buy and noted its smooth action and accuracy. Most users thought that the cue improved their game considerably and recommended it highly. A few users remarked they only received either the handle or the shaft on delivery.

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Cuetec has maintained an award-winning quality in the manufacture of its hardy but professional pool cues. The customer reviews were consistently high for each of these particular cues that we reviewed. We hope that you might have found the perfect cue for yourself out of our 4 best Cuetec pool cue reviews, and you go on to win each game you play.

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