Can You Reuse Pool Table Felt? (Here’s The Answer)

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Have you removed the felt from your pool table? Wondering whether it can be reused? Let our experts explain this, and so much more about the world of pool felts.

So, can you reuse pool table felt? Yes. You can. It isn’t recommended, but it is possible to do. However, do bear in mind that the more you stretch the pool table felt, the more-likely it is to give up on you. Therefore, if you are going to be reusing the pool table felt, then you will want to ensure that you keep the reuse down to a minimum.

Ideally, you would replace a pool table felt with a brand-new one as opposed to reusing an old pool table felt. So, how can you tell whether to reuse or replace? Let our experts explain everything that you need to know.

Can you reuse pool table felt?

It depends.

If you are planning on moving your pool table long distances then it is recommended that you remove the pool table felt beforehand. This is to ensure that the felt doesn’t get damaged during transit.

Now, if you remove the pool table felt carefully, and we mean really carefully, then you can just reattach it to the pool table again. However, do bear in mind that this is going to require stretching the pool table felt as you do so. This is going to damage the pool table felt ever so slightly.

You can stretch a pool table felt twice. This means that you can, technically, remove the pool table felt from the table twice and reuse it. It isn’t ideal, but you can do that if you wish to do so.

If the pool table felt has been stretched more than twice, then it is useless. There will now be small flaws in the fabric, and those small flaws are going to become big flaws.

That being said, we wouldn’t really recommend that you reuse a pool felt unless it is brand new. This means if it is under one year old. Even if you fit the pool table felt to the table perfectly, it is still unlikely to play as good as the first time you played on the table.

How do you know when a pool felt needs to be replaced?

Before we go through the ways to tell that your pool felt needs to be replaced, we do want to point out that you can ignore everything here if your pool felt is over 3-years old. At that point, it doesn’t matter what condition the felt is in, it is going to need to be replaced.

Perhaps the biggest telltale sign that the pool felt needs to be replaced will be small tears or holes appearing on the felt. Some people dismiss them because they are unlikely to have a major impact on the game when they are tiny. However, they will grow bigger. Each and every game they will start to get larger. Therefore, replace the felt as soon as possible.

You can also tell if your pool table felt needs replacing ‘by touch’. If you feel any of the following, then replace the felt:

  • The felt is rough to the touch. Almost like touching beard stubble.
  • The felt is starting to lose color
  • Small pieces of lint are starting to break away from the felt.

How do you extend the lifespan of your pool table felt?

The only real way to extend the lifespan of your pool table felt is to ensure that you clean it often.

Perhaps one of the biggest ‘killers’ of pool table felts will be dust, particularly chalk, left on the table. The longer all this dust stays on the table, the more likely it is to get worked into the felt. This is what will wear the felt down and create that rough look to it.

Thankfully, keeping your pool table felt clean is not all that difficult. All you need to do is get your hands on a pool table brush. After you are done playing, give the table a quick brush down. It is going to take 5-10 tops. However, this is time well spent as it is going to ensure that the felt lasts for as long as possible!

Related Questions

Does the quality of the pool table felt impact the game?

Yes. Low quality felt tends to be a bit rougher. Some people also find that it doesn’t lay as flat against the table, even when it has been installed properly. This can cause the pool balls to move in unpredictable directions. If you are replacing a pool table felt, always try to ensure that you replace with the highest quality felt that you can afford. 

How long does a pool table felt last?

Even if the pool table felt was used every single day for multiple hours, the pool table felt should last at least two to three years. Of course, the expected lifespan of the felt will be a little less than this if it is a low quality felt.

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