Can You Leave Pool Balls On The Table

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When you are done playing pool, you probably want to put everything away neatly. Not only is a pool table designed to be played on, but it is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. For this reason, a lot of people want to store pool balls on it to make it look better. Is this a wise thing to do? Well, read on for our expert opinion.

So, can you leave pool balls on the table? Absolutely! There is no real issue with storing the pool balls on the surface of the pool table. After all, balls are designed to be on the table. If you leave them racked up so they are not rolling about (a common problem if your table is not completely level) then it is completely fine to do.

If you want to ensure that you are storing your balls safely, however, then there are a few things that you will need to know. If you read on, our experts will run you through absolutely everything that you need to know about storing your balls on the table.

Can You Leave Pool Balls on the Table?

You can. While it is not the best option for storing your pool balls, a lot of people just leave them on the table. Just stick them in the rack, and your pool table is ready for your next game.

The one thing that we do suggest is that you have some sort of dust cover like this over the pool table. While the balls will not necessarily damage the table, the light and dust in the room will.

Of course, things are not as simple as this. There are few things that you will need to bear in mind to ensure that your table is well-protected. Make sure you read through this information, because there is nothing worse than needing to replace a table cloth sooner than you would normally need to replace it.

Avoid storing cheap pool balls on the table

Some people have reported that cheaper pool balls can damage the table when they are stored there. This is because their construction material can mark the table a little bit. While it shouldn’t pose that much of a problem if they are not rolling around, do you really want to take the risk?

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UV Light Issues

You will probably not want to store the pool balls on the table if your pool table is in the sun. As you may well know, the sun will fade the cloth over time. There isn’t really much that you can do about this. However, it will pose a problem if you leave the pool balls on the table.

If the pool balls are on the table, and you always store them in the same place, you will start to notice uneven discoloring on the table. The areas where the balls are stored are unlikely to see any fading. While it isn’t really going to cause any issues with the fabric, it isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

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Can You Store Pool Balls In the Pockets?

While you can store pool balls in a pocket, and a lot of people do, it isn’t really recommended.

What you need to remember is that pool balls are quite heavy. While it is OK for them to be in the pockets for a short period of time, they can’t stay in there for too long.

Pool balls will weight the pocket down. This will stretch them out a little bit. This may have an impact on the way that the pool balls sit in the pocket. In fact, it may completely change up the way you make your shot. The ball may not go in, or it may go in a little bit too easily. This means that, eventually, you will need to replace the pockets. This could be expensive.

You also have to consider the fact that pockets that have become stretched is not that aesthetically pleasing.

We recommend that you store the pool balls in the pocket for the duration of the game. At the end of it, pull them out of the pockets and store them another way.

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What is the Best Option for Storing Pool Balls?

Perhaps the best way to store your pool balls is to purchase a wall-mounted pool ball holder. This will keep your balls off of the table, while also providing a nice ‘focal point’ in your billiards room. It will also help to protect the balls, which means that they are also going to last a whole lot longer! 

Related Questions

Should you cover a pool table when it is not in use?

Yes. Covering a pool table when it is not in use is perhaps the best way to keep the cloth in the best condition. While you will still need to replace the cloth eventually, using a cover will delay the process. It will stop UV light fading the color of the cloth, and it will also help to ensure that the table is protected from dust.

Do you need to clean your pool balls?

Yes. Ideally, you would clean the every few games. If you do not, then the pool balls could end up damaging the table. This is because the balls will start to gather dust and chalk. This will leave marks on the table as the roll around. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do. You can purchase a pool ball cleaner, or you can dust them yourself with a lint-free cloth.

Can you store pool cues on the table?

You can, but it isn’t really recommended. Pool cues are not designed to be placed on the table. This means that the materials they are constructed from may mark the table. You also have to remember that chalk at the end of the cue will likely fall off onto the table, which could mark the table. It is best to store them on a cue rack on the wall. It will help to protect both the table and the pool cues.

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