Can You Jump the Ball in Pool

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When playing pool, there are so many rules to be followed. The basic ones include how to play and how to win. However, as you advance in your prowess, you realize that some shots are difficult to make. For instance, your ball on may be blocked by another ball, making it difficult to hit without hitting the other ball. This calls for tough play such as doing jump shots.

So, can you actually jump the ball in pool? Yes, you can do a jump shot if that is your only alternative. However, jump shots are only legal in American style but not English Style pool, but unless stated in the rules of the game played, then it’s legal to perform a jump shot. All the same, do not confuse a jump shot with a scoop. Scooping the ball is considered a foul.

This article talks more about jump shots, other types of shots and other related questions. Read on for a deeper insight.

What Is a Jump Shot?

A jump shot happens when you intentionally force the ball to rise above the table bed by strategically raising cue stick at an angle causing a rebound of the ball off the table. It is a rare kind of shot as it only happens if the ball you are aiming is behind and another ball, thus no clear view.

How to Do a Jump Shot

Below, I’m going to explain how to do a proper jump shot. First, let’s check out whether you have the right gear to start off.

Needed Gear

  • Now if you are using your table at home, ensure to use a protective cloth. It could be a cut from a pool table cloth; you will need it to minimize the burn that might occur as you do your jump shot. It will act as a protective pad.
  • Second, you are going to need a jump cue. While you can still use your playing cue stick, it may not be as efficient as when you use the jump cue. The jump cue is shorter, lightweight, and with a relatively harder tip that can withstand the pressure of jump shots. Additionally, with a jump cue, a jump shot is going to be much easier compared to using a regular cue.

The Shot

  • Raise the back of the cue stick strategically at 45 degrees.
  • You are going to hold the stick a little tighter to get the grip needed. Some people may prefer the American grip, which facilitates better aiming, while others like the dart grip, which makes the jump easier.
  • Note that you should put more weight on the front leg and the bridge hand.
  • Inaccuracies might come about if the tablecloth is worn out, failure to hit the cue ball exactly at the vertical center, and shifting your vision center from the cue at the point of elevation.

Committing a Foul

When doing a jump shot, the cue stick is supposed to hit the cue ball at the vertical center. Now, if the cue touches under the cue ball at the surface of the table, then you will be scooping the ball, and this is taken as a foul.

Other Types of Shots in Pool

Apart from the jump shot, below are other types of shots used when playing pool.

  • Back Spin

This is also known as a bottom or draw spin. Here, you hit the cue ball slightly below its center, causing it to move in the opposing direction of the ball on. It will hit the bumper and spin back to hit the target ball.

  • Stop Shot

In a stop shot, you hit the cue ball right in the middle, and it slides without any draw or follow spinning. The force from the cue stick will subject the ball forward. The cue ball will hit the object ball right in the center, making the cue ball to stop given the force that will be transferred to the target ball

  • Stun Shot

This is also a form of slide shot, almost the same as the stop shot. For this one, the contact between the target ball and the cue stick is not exactly at the center, and this makes the stun shot. The cue ball goes a short distance in the shot direction.

  • Side Spin

To achieve a sidespin, you hit the cue ball in the middle of either the right or the left face. Though it looks simple, mastering the art of a sidespin is a little difficult and confusing because the ball has to go into the opposite direction of the action. For example a hit on the left will drive the cue to the right.

  • Top Spin

To achieve a top spin, you hit the cue ball at the top. The cue ball may not stop after hitting the ball on as may travel further, usually following the direction of the object.

You can also do a sidespin and top spin at the same time. All you have to do is hit the cue ball on the top left or right. The ball will travel as in a sidespin but at a greater speed, without stopping as in the case of other shots.

Related Questions

What if you do not hit any ball on the table?

The rules of pool state that the cue ball must hit the target ball first before hitting any other ball and possibly potting it. If no ball is hit at all, it’s foul, and if any other ball other than the ball on is hit first, it will also be considered a foul.

Do the balls have to hit the walls of the pool table?

A general rule in pool states that after cue ball and objet ball contact, any ball must hit the rail. A potted ball is counted as a rail hit.

When is a player awarded two shots?

In English 8 ball pool, if a player plays a foul, then the opponent gets two free shots. In the event that the opponent pots the ball, then he or she still has two shots remaining.

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