Can Pool Table Be Outside? Read This First!

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You want to enjoy the pleasure of playing pool, but there is insufficient space in your house to install one. Or maybe the available room is a little too cramped to even enjoy a peaceful game. Other times, you just want to enjoy the outdoor breeze while playing. So you are toying with the idea of placing your pool out in the open.

So, can you place your pool table outside? The immediate answer is yes you can. First, you need to understand that there are two major classifications of pool tables namely indoor and outdoor pool tables. That automatically means the outdoor one is meant for the outdoor space. The indoor one is meant to be indoor furniture, but with few modifications as will be discussed later, it can also be converted and used outside.

This article will look at the difference between the indoor and outdoor pool tables, tips for converting one into an outdoor table, and other related questions. Read on to learn more.

Difference between the Indoor and Outdoor Pool Tables

Although pool tables have difference sizes and shapes, they can be classified under one umbrella term, which is their location. As already mentioned, this narrows down to indoor and outdoor pool tables.

Indoor pool tables are designed for use indoors, away from harsh weather, mildew, and pests. The outdoor one like this, on the other hand, is created using durable materials that can with stand harsh weather. Here are a few factors that differentiate the two. These factors are worth noting so that you know what to change if you want to convert yours to an outdoor one.

  • The Frames Used

Your regular indoor table comes with wooden frame, which cannot be placed outside. Otherwise, it will swell, bleach or peel due to the harsh weather outside.

Frames for an outdoor table are constructed using steel aluminum or stainless steel, which is more durable. This can withstand the extreme moisture and heat outside.

  • The Surface

The playing surface of an indoor table is made of a soft-felt and slate material that can’t survive long outside.

For the outdoor table, a different kind of felt is used, which is harder and rougher. With this, you will have to apply more force to the cue stick for the balls to roll down.

  • Add-ons

Depending on the manufacturer, outdoor pool tables come with extra accessories such as a protection cover, pockets with drain holes and other maintenance add-ons.

So, How Do You Convert Your Pool Table For Use Outdoors?

Having looked at the differences between the two pool tables, we now know that the indoor one cannot be placed outside as it is. Otherwise, if you do, you will end up damaging your table. However, you can make some modifications to it, making it suitable for outdoor use, as seen below.

  • Create Enough Room

You probably want to move your pool table outside to free up some space. Before you do so, you need to find sufficient space on the outside and ensure it is covered, or it has a roof.

  • Work On the Wood Finishing

As already mentioned, the wood frame is not outdoor-friendly. Thus, you need to do some modifications to it. Since it is almost an impossible task to dismantle the wood frame and replace it with a stainless steel, you could perhaps add a coat of epoxy glue. Additionally, add some coats of paint to offer it more protection from moisture.

  • Change the Felt

The felt for an indoor table is smooth and not suitable for the outdoors. Changer it to something rough with tighter weaves. You may want to consider some marine-grade acrylic fabric.

  • Use a Protection Cover

Your outdoor table will need a waterproof cover like this. The cover should be big enough to cover everything including the balls and sticks when not in use. Ensure to use it even when you think the weather is fine. Do not place any weight on top.

Note that not all pool tables can actually withstand the weather outside even with the modifications above. So, you may consider buying an outdoor one once and for all.

Ideal Outdoor Location to Place Your Pool Table

When it comes to outdoor placement of your pool table, the rules are not different from the indoor placement. For instance:

  • Ensure that the ground surface is leveled up, stable, and flat.
  • Ensure there is enough space on all sides for cue clearance.
  • There should be some sort of shade or roof over your pool table to act as a shelter.

That said, some of the suitable spaces include the balcony, patio, backyard, or in the front garden.

How to Maintain the Pool Table Outside

Outdoor pool tables are built with long-lasting materials, rust-resistant metal, and fabric that will not fade despite the harsh sunlight. However, you still need to practice some maintenance tips to enlarge its longevity. This is compulsory more so if yours is an indoor-outdoor converted table. Practice the following maintenance tips to keep your pool table in shape for long.

  • Cleaning

It is recommended that you clean your table regularly so that you don’t have dirt sticking up and spoiling your game. This is also for longevity purposes. While on it, do not forget to clean the balls too. If your table did not come with a cloth brush (see Amazon), buy one.

  • Use a Protectant Cover

Even though the outdoor pool table is water resistant, always cover it when not in use. Even though it is not raining, simply cover it to protect it from excessive humidity in the air. The table may be tough, but you can extend its lifespan by doing this.

  • Do Not Place Items on It

You want your table to serve its purpose and last long. Do not use it for purposes it was not intended for, such as placing heavy items on it. Heavy items may exert pressure on the playing surface, and this will affect its leveling by creating dents. You do not want to play on a pool table with dents and bumps.

Related Questions

Can you put a pool table in the garage?

Yes, you can put your pool table in the garage if it has adequate space to accommodate it. However, you will need to regulate the temperature in there. For instance, during winter, use a space heater so that it’s not too cold that water may start dripping on it.

Are outdoor pool tables good?

Outdoor pool tables are good given their durability. Moreover, you can purchase one and after sometime, shift its locations to the indoors without making any adjustments like in the case of converting an indoor one for outdoor purposes. The best part is getting to play in the fresh air and in a spacious environment as opposed to being confined in a room.

Can you place your pool table on a carpet?

Yes, you can place your pool table on a carpet or an area rug such that the entire base or the legs rest on the rug. With this, the table won’t move at all. So whether you are using an outdoor or indoor table, you can go ahead and use a rug, especially if the floor is smooth and slippery.

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