Blue Diamond Chalk Vs Predator Chalk

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Blue Diamond Chalk

Those looking for good chalk brands under budget have two options available – Longoni’s Blue Diamond Billiard Chalk and Predator Cue Chalk. Both these cost less than $10 so these are the most cost-effective solutions you have out there.

Which one would you choose between the two? That’s a tough question as both the brands come with quality features that stand above the rest. To relieve you of the stress, we have done extensive reviews of both to derive the difference between the two.

Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the preliminary and obvious differences that appear on the surface. For more details regarding each, read on to find the complete product reviews.

 Blue Diamond Chalk Vs Predator Chalk

The Blue Diamond Chalk (see Amazon) turns out to be cheaper than the Predator Chalk, although the former has only two chalk cubes per box while the latter has five pieces per box. For more regular billiards players, the Blue Diamond is the go-to chalk because it is easier to fit in the pocket than Predator.

Despite being cheap, the Blue Diamond chalk has amazing water retention ability so unlike others it does not get dry or start flaking. Due to the great moisture retention ability, the chalk sticks well on the cue tip even in the low humidity conditions.

The Blue Diamond chalk has four sides design, like a perfect cube and it lacks a sturdy chalk holder. The Predator Chalk, on the other hand, is octagonal shaped with eight sides. It also comes with a nice chalk holder, but the problem is that it does not fit in the pocket.

While both Blue Diamond Chalk and Predator Chalk deliver nearly similar performance, most people prefer Blue Diamond for its easy portability and good pricing. Even though it widely depends on a user’s personal preference, many people find the Blue Diamond more consistent.

Blue Diamond chalk has a finer grain and due to this, it can easily get on the pool table and also stain your hands. However, the stains are not too bad and can be easily removed by wiping with a piece of cloth.

Blue Diamond Chalk

This pool chalk from the house of Longoni is one of the cheapest options you can find the market, but it does not compromise with quality. Each box contains two well-built blue chalk cubes that are capable of retaining moisture well even in adverse conditions.

As the chalk has a high adhesive quality unlike the cheap counterparts, you do not need to reapply the chalk before every shot. You can easily take 2-3 shots before you need to use the chalk again. Even though this means the chalk gets to your hands, it does not create a mess.

Used by the top professionals around the world for more than 30 years, the Blue Diamond Chalk features strong blue color and a solid grip with long-lasting performance. Each packet contains two chalk cubes and both last for long enough.

Product features and specifications

  • Contains 2 chalk cubes per box
  • Deep Blue shade
  • Good moisture retention
  • Less chalking and fewer miscues

User/ Customer reviews

Most people have said that this is their go-to chalk for pool games as the chalk sticks to the cue tip well and it costs them less. For amateurs, a cube can last for a year so it saves them a lot of money. Several people have mentioned that they prefer Blue Diamond Chalk over any other brand.


The Blue Diamond chalk (shop now) has a finer grain than many other brands out there. It is durable and costs less too – what more can you ask from pool chalk. Overall, we feel this is one of the best quality chalk you get at this price.

Predator Cue Chalk

Predator Cue Chalk

This is also a good budget pool chalk that gives you good results without having to spend a fortune. It has a good adhesion quality and the right texture, something each billiard player wants. With a special formula utilizing Pure silica, the chalk is built to provide better spin and fewer miscues.

The Predator evolution was developed after five years of research and development, and three more years spent in testing the product with professionals. Besides increased spin, the chalk also provides improved accuracy and better consistency when you hit the target.

The best part is that the chalk is highly adhesive so it stays on the cue tip to give for about 3 to 5 shots before you need to apply again. This allows players to focus on the game instead of constantly worrying about re-chalking while playing. Available only in blue color, one packet contains at least 5 chalks.

User/ Customer reviews

Users are impressed with the durability of the chalk and its enhanced consistency and spin that provides better performance. Players have mentioned that they could feel the difference from first use as the chalk did not feel cheap and gritty. A few customers have mentioned that it leaves a black stain on the cue ball after several uses.


The Predator Cue Chalk (see Amazon) scores in the matter of convenience, unique octagon shape, comfort, contact, and good tip adhesion. Overall, this is a well-made and competitively priced pool chalk that can improve your game and ensure less mess on the table.

Final Words

After our in-depth analysis and review of both products, we feel that the Blue Diamond Chalk (shop now) has an established reputation earned through years. Professional players have a kind of patronage for the brand and it is a go-to chalk for many people out there. Predator Cue Chalk is slightly more expensive than Blue Diamond, but there’s a good amount of R&D behind its fine consistency and make, which reflects in the player’s performance.

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