4 Best Scorpion Pool Cue Reviews for 2023

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The Scorpion pool cue brand is a high-quality product range sold wholesale by the company Cuestix International. Cuestix international has had over 28 years of experience and have built up a name for high quality and dedicated customer service. Cuestix is a family-owned business and has built a large following of committed customers.

Cuestix offers one of the largest selection of pool cues worldwide and carries over 1000 different stock models. Besides their own range of cues, they offer cues from top manufacturers such as Predator Lucasi, Mezz, and Schon. They provide cues for all budget and skill levels and pride themselves on their high standards of products.

The Scorpion pool cue range was developed for the 4-time world champion Johnny Archer and are made to reflect professionalism and durability. If you feel overwhelmed by the many cues on offer, we have provided you with 4 of the best Scorpion pool cues to take the guesswork out of making your choice.

Editor’s Favorite – Scorpion Pool Cue GRP06

Scorpion Brand Model1. Scorpion Pool Cue GRP062. Scorpion Legacy Series SC0263. Scorpion JAR01 Pool Cue4. Scorpion Break Pool Cue SKOBKB
Dimensions20 x 4 x 4 inches20 x 4 x 4 inchesN/A   20 x 4 x 4 inches
Tip13mm Buffalo leather 13mm Buffalo leatherAculeus pigskin tip with a pad of carbon fiber 12mm13mm  Buffalo leather
Ferrulethreaded fiber ferrule1 “3 fiber linen10mm XTCStainless Steel
Shaft29″ Hard Maple wood 29″ wooden core shaft with fiberglass coating 29″ Maple wood  with the Telson Performance system29″ wooden  core shaft with black fiberglass 
Shaft Taper10-12″ pro taper,13-14″ pro taper13-14″ pro taper13-14″ pro taper
GripSpotty Textured Rubber Black Irish linenNone – Birdseye mapleNone
Veneer/ShieldFiberglass bonded to MapleWood core with blue fiberglass coatingNone Birdseye MapleWooden  core with Black fiberglass Coating
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#1. Scorpion Pool Cue GRP06 – 19 oz

The Scorpion GRP06 (see Amazon) is a high-quality cue with a durable Water Buffalo leather tip that is 13mm wide for your perfect break. The GRP06 shaft is based on high-quality hard maple wood with a bonded, clear fiberglass veneer to protect your cue from scratches and nicks, and moisture and extend its lifespan. The ferrule is made of capped and threaded fiber, and the shaft taper is  10-12″ with a brass insert.

The pink and black scorpion image transfer are sealed in a protective layer of fiberglass so it won’t peel or fade and will add some style to your game. The stainless steel butt plate increases durability and is capped off in a durable rubber bumper to protect your cue from knocks. The Scorpion GRP06 is available in 18-21oz weights.

Scorpion Pool Cue GRP06 feature as a Glance:

  • Maple wood 29″ shaft with bonded fiberglass cover
  • Available in 18-21oz weights
  • Professional 13mm buffalo leather tip
  • Pink and black scorpion design
  • 3/8×14 pin made of high-quality steel
  • Durable rubber bumper
  • A plastic insert in the shaft protects the shaft from external conditions
  • Indented rubber grip to prevent  slipping
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel butt plate.

Customer/User Reviews

Customers felt that the cue had outstanding balance and was pleased with the cue action, especially in the break. They felt the cue was excellent value for money and that it was perfect for beginners and intermediate players who were looking to learn on a high-quality cue. They also found the cue well designed and stylish. A few customers felt that the tip was too hard and suggested replacing the tip with a better one.

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#2. Scorpion Legacy Series  SC026 26″ Pool Cue

The Scorpion has to be the sleekest looking out of our 4 best pool cue reviews. The blue/black metallic sheen with the scorpion logo takes the prize for the best looking. The shaft is made of wood with an overlay of blue fiberglass to protect the cue, and the shaft has an extra plastic inlay to extend its longevity and protect it from external elements. 

The Scorpion AC026 (see more) has a water buffalo 13-mm tip and a stylish black Irish linen wrap for extra grip. The SC026 is a well-designed and elegant cue suited for all levels.

Scorpion Legacy Series  SC026 Pool Cue Features at a Glance:

  • 13mm buffalo leather Tip
  • 1″ 3 fiber linen ferrule
  • 29″ shaft with 13″ -14″ pro taper and a coating of fiberglass
  • Plastic insert in the shaft for durability
  • Joint Pin: 3/8×14
  • Wood core with blue fiberglass coating
  • Black Irish Linen wrap
  • Rubber bumper
  • Blue/Black design with a scorpion logo

Customer/User Reviews

The customers were happy with their purchase, and even players who played extensive hours felt their cue was durable and performed well. A few customers thought that the fiberglass was slippery and collected sweat and suggested keeping a microfiber cloth nearby.

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#3. Scorpion JAR01 Pool Cue

The JAR02 (shop now) is an elegant, dark-stained maple with Zebrawood diamonds. It has the Telson Performance system technology to enhance performance. This system includes the Aculeus tip made from 6 layers of pigskin leather set above a carbon-fiber plate that distributes energy and impact throughout the shaft and makes your game more accurate. The Ferrule is UV stabilized and reduced in length to minimize deflection, and the Inox quick-release joint work with your bamboo stabilizer rings to increase feedback.

Scorpion JAR01 Pool Cue Features at a Glance:

  • 12mm Aculeus tip on a carbon-fiber pad
  • 10mm XTC ferrule
  • 29″ Maple wood shaft with TPS
  • Inox quick-release joint
  • Scorpion Rubber bumper
  • Butt plate stainless steel
  • No wrap, maple finish
  • Adjustable weight
  • 1-year Warranty

Customer/User Reviews

The Aculeus tip was remarked on often as delivering great accuracy and control. The users enjoyed the natural wood look and felt that the cue performed very well in play. Some users remarked that they would have preferred a grip because the cue could get slippery.

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#4. Scorpion Cues Break Pool Cue SCOBKB  20oz

This cue has all the specialized features you need to start your game off with a bang. It is balanced for stroke velocity, and the stainless steel ferrule beneath the hard leather tip delivers maximum power to your stroke. The cue has raised silver rings for a better grip and extra control over your break. 

The fiberglass covering protects the cue from damage as well as the extra plastic sleeve in the shaft. The cue comes with a standard 20oz and is not weight changeable.

Scorpion Cues Break Pool Cue SCOBKB  20oz Features at a Glance:

  • 13mm Water Buffalo leather tip
  • Stainless steel breaker ferrule
  • 29″ Wood core with black fiberglass coating
  • 13″ -14″ Pro taper
  • Black composite collar with a silver ring
  • JPSC 3 /8 joint protector
  • Black Fiberglass sleeve with a scorpion logo

Customer/User Reviews

The users were really impressed by the balanced weight and decisive action of this pool cue. The stainless steel ferrule gave most users a significant advantage in their breaks. This cue is not made for use other than breaks and is a specialized piece of equipment for professional players or enthusiasts who would like to up their break. Users who did not know it was a break cue complained that it did not work well as a playing cue.

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The Scorpion make continues to deliver high-quality cues at competitive prices. Cuestix is a reputable brand with excellent customer service, and you can’t go wrong with these highly rated 4 best scorpion pool cues. Whether you want to improve your break or your game, these cues are hard to beat.

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