11 Best Pool Game On PC or Smartphone

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Best Pool Game PC

Wish to take some shots but are not in the mood to visit your local pool hall or bar? Then why not try the best pool game PC that can be conveniently played at home on your computer or smartphone. The best thing about these games is that you don’t need Wi-Fi access to play.

The free pool games PC are meant to be played offline even without an Internet connection. So, you could enjoy a game while you are camping in the woods or relaxing at some remote beach. The games are skillfully designed to give players real-like experience and some even allow multiple players.

The makers of offline games transport you to a slick and exciting world where you can enjoy living, breathing, bustling pool games from the convenience of your living room. Wrapped up in jaw-dropping visuals, some of them are so realistic that users have admitted falling to the floor while trying to take a shot.

With great graphics and realistic physics, there are virtual billiards games for all ages and skill levels to let enthusiastic players enjoy the game anywhere. If you are trying pool game for the first time, you may be confused with so many different options available so we have created a list of best pool games for PC and smartphone.

We have spent hours scouring the Internet to find the best games for you, based on various factors such as graphics, sound effects, ease of playing, difficulty levels, user-friendliness, and so on. Read on to find the reviews of each game including the pros and cons.

#1.  Pool Nation

Interactive game modes, stunning graphics, and advanced physics are some of the things that make Pool Nation extremely popular. This is a serious offline PC pool game where the balls behave just like they would in real-world with the Aiming Assist disabled.

There are 11 addictive game modes that include extensive career modes, Endurance, and some online modes too. Beautifully designed, the game gives you the freedom to imagine, visualize, build up your confidence, and share the most eccentric trick shots with the world.

We love the ease of control that provides users the ability to pull off shots just like in real game. The shiny graphics, realistic backgrounds, eye-catching interiors, and ability to change the time of day are some of the customizations that add more fun to the gameplay.


  • It is well designed with great graphics
  • There are several exciting modes to choose
  • Balls behave just like the real world


  • You need an upgraded version PC to play

See more on Steam!

#2. ShootersPool

If you want a serious billiards game then here’s a well-built simulator for Windows PC. It is created for demanding professionals to meet their expectations of playing just like real life without having to visit a pub or bar. It also helps beginners improve game skills like aiming, strategy, and cue ball control.

With the help of advanced physics simulation, the ShootersPool provides you with the best game experience. There are options to play games like 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Straight Pool, Chinese Pool, One Pocket, Snooker 6-Reds, Blackball, Snooker, 1 Cushion Billiards, Straight Rail Billiards, and 3 Cushion Billiards.

We love the various customization options related to the tables, cues, ball sets, and table cloths so that you can enjoy the game as you like. Most professional players believe this one of the best snooker simulator created and the online version lets you play with other players around the world.


  • This is one of the best simulator for Windows PC
  • It helps you improve real game skills
  • It has some good customization options


  • You need to get the online version to play with others 

See more here: https://www.shooterspool.net/

#3. Virtual Pool 4

Also known as one of the best pool games for Mac and Windows, the Virtual Pool 4 just got better with stunning graphics and advanced new physics. The game allows you to exhibit your skills and play with customizable tables and equipment to make the game feel more realistic.

The digital download of the game is available for Windows and Mac, and there’s also a free trial version available. For Windows PC, the requirements are Windows Vista/7/8/10, Pentium 1.6Ghz or faster, 700MB of free hard drive space, 1GB memory or higher, 64MB video memory or more.

For Mac, the requirements are 64-bit processor and OS X 10.9 or later. There are several videos available online to help you get a better understanding of how to practice shots in VP4. You may also record the matches and later enjoy watching the action at anytime.


  • It is available for both Windows and Mac users
  • It helps you improve your virtual pool skills
  • The game rules are explained in the guide
  • They have a good support system for customers


  • You need online access to participate in competitions

See more: http://vponline.celeris.com/

#4. Pool Billiards Pro

The next popular pool game on our list is Pool Billiards Pro, which is a nicely polished entry that comes with several options for an offline gameplay. We are impressed with how smooth the gameplay progresses and users are provided an aim guideline that can be easily turned off when you are well versed in the instructions.

The game is built for a single player who can play on different modes. This includes an 8 or 9 balls play against a computer, an Arcade mode, and a practice mode to complete the various challenges that increase as the levels advance.

The pool game has some background music that can be turned off if you don’t like it. The sound effect is quite realistic to compliment the gameplay. Pool Billiards Pro also includes an online version that can be turned on when you wish to play with others around the world.


  • The game comes with 3 levels of difficulty to keep you engaged
  • It can change the table and cue
  • It allows users to play against a computer, practice solo or enjoy arcade challenges


  • You need an online connection to play against friends
  • Certain loopholes let online players cheat
  • Ads popping in between tend to get annoying

For Android Download here


#5. Pool 2020 Free

The Pool 2020 Free is not a full-scale pool game but is focused on helping the beginners in leveling up their game through solo challenges. So, as you unlock higher levels, you get access to special cue sticks that come with certain advantages to keep you glued to the game.

At the onset, a player starts with a rosewood cue that works quite well for the game. If you are new to the concept of pool games, we suggest that you read the built-in cue guide provided. This will help you learn about the angles of shots and the amount of velocity you need to apply.

In the free download version of the game, you cannot turn off the guide. It also has an online version where you get extra plays but there are ads you need to watch for the refill. So, when you strictly want the PC version, choose the free offline game.


  • It comes with different cue sticks that change up gameplay and keep up the interest
  • It includes a helpful shooting guide that helps you learn angles for the best shot


  • The cue guidance system can’t be turned off
  • The music and sound effects are not uplifting, rather boring to say the least
  • It does not allow you to play a regular game of pool

For Android Download here

#6. 3D Pool Ball

As the name suggests this free basic Android game comes in a 3D format to gives users the feel of playing billiards in a real word – at a club or bar. However, if you do not prefer 3D then you can also play the game in 2D. As a part of PC games, it is created by poolians.

The impressive visuals and great animations inspired by pool halls and pubs add double fun. Regarding the game aspects, the 3D Live Pool uses less free space than several other apps and programs under PC games. It’s an extremely popular game in the United States, Indonesia, and India.

We love the fact that playing in the 3D mode can give you some amount of extra challenge, however, the graphics are pretty sleek. The offline gameplay is restricted to practice games or against the A.I, but you get to choose between an 8 or 9-ball pool.


  • Users can choose between the 2D and 3D format
  • The graphics are good and well polished
  • There are game responsive and realistic controls


  • In your PC, you can only play against the AI or in practice mode, daily challenges not available
  • The customizations require you to spend money and earn some coins.
  • The store is not accessible or available for the offline PC players

For Android Download here

#7. Pool Night

The Pool Night is yet another fantastic smartphone pool game that comes with a lot of exciting features that make it more realistic. We love the fact that the pool game presents you will different challenges to complete as your progress to keep your interest alive.

With a clean user interface, it is easy for even beginners to understand the game rules, and there an aiming guide to making it easier to take shots. This is a no-frills offline game and gives you a taste of professional billiards. Nevertheless, it provides a lot of fun at different levels so that players enjoy the game.


  • The game has a clean and simple interface
  • It comes with an aiming guide


  • In the free version, ads appear at the bottom of the screen after every game
  • The same background music may get monotonous

For Android Download here

#8. Micro Pool

If you are a computer game enthusiast then you will surely enjoy the offline Micro Pool game that sports four different game types – 8 balls, 9 balls, Speed, and Killer. The 3D-rendered pool is beautifully designed and looks gorgeous with nice graphics and sound effects to keep you hooked to the game.

The pool table shows cue stick and pool balls behave just like they do in real life, which is exhilarating. For any online or offline pool game, the biggest test is the ability to size up positional shots that you also, attempt in real life and the Micro pool is admirably realistic in this regard.

Each game at Micro Pool can be played in two ways that include light and full ball set, depending on how full you wish the table to be. The settings include a choice of three differently colored tables, aiming line, sound effect volume, and, of course, the computer strength.


  • It has a slick setup screen with good graphics
  • It features a smooth gameplay
  • Users can play against each other offline
  • Adjust the opponent strength to suit you


  • The scores don’t rotate while playing in a landscape mode
  • There is a lack of practice or proper training guide
  • The game can be too difficult for beginners

For Android Download here

#9. 8 Ball Online Free Pool Game

This is a straightforward PC game that comes with a brief tutorial to help familiarize you with game controls on your computer. One of the best control features we love is the ability to curve your shot, making you feel like you are playing the game almost in real life.

Some people may feel that this appears like cheating, however, it adds a more realistic touch to the game. It also comes with a nice selection of games such as 8 ball, 9 ball, Snooker, and Russian pyramid. This beautifully designed game not only inspires your competitive spirit but also challenges you to hone your skills.

At the onset of every game, you get the option to choose between three options – easy, medium, and hard. As you get a hang of the game and progress to the harder mode, the opponent moves will become more accurate. To aim the cue and take a shot, you need to hold the mouse button correctly and pocket the pool balls of your type.


  • It comes with a quick tutorial that comes handy
  • It allows you to curve the shot to get a better cue control
  • It is available in 14 different languages


  • Users can’t leave a match without entirely exiting the game
  • To get extra goodies, you need to connect with your social media account
  • It pops ups an email signup every time a new game is loaded
  • The developer website appears to be dubious

For Android Download here

#10. Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker is hands down one of the best out there. It features 25 different types of games and each of them is available to play offline on your computer. You may choose to play against the AI or yourself – the choice is yours.

We love the fact that the background setting, pool table, cues are all customizable with a wide range of colors and scenery to match your moods. Besides the change in colors, players can also change the shape of the pool table – standard rectangular, hexagon, or round pool table.

In terms of user controls, the app game a slightly tough learning curve so it may take you some time to adjust to it. The physics used in the game is pretty realistic, and this is further backed by decent graphics and good sound cues that enhance the overall ambiance of the game.


  • It comes with several different games to enjoy
  • The games are highly customizable
  • There are numerous responsive controls
  • Almost all games are offered offline


  • The free version is supported by ads but you can buy pro version to remove them

For IOS Download here
For Android Download here

#11. 8 Ball Pool

This is yet another exciting pool game for PC and smartphone that offers offline play for two-game types only. Each game setting offers a lot of fun for solo and multi-player. Also known as Practice Offline, this PC offline option comes with two different games – Play Quick Fire and Pass n’ Play.

Play Quick Fire gives players only two minutes to get as score shots as possible, however, this game is meant to be played solo. The Pass n’ Play, on the other hand, lets you enjoy the game with your partner by taking turns. Both games are fun with responsive game controls.

We love the different challenges and levels that keep the players engaged and make you want to keep coming back for more. The graphics are decent quality to give you the feeling of playing a real-life game and the music is average with several interface settings to let players customize.


  • The game screen shows you both online and offline games
  • Numerous interface settings let you customize gameplay and screen layout
  • The cue sensitivity adjustments are available to improve your game
  • Players are allowed to purchase upgrades with the in-game coins.


  • The extras in the game need a data connection
  • The offline games also cost in-game coins to play
  • You must play online games to level up your avatar

For IOS Download here
For Android Download here

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Related Questions

Do you need a PC mouse to play the game

Yes, most of the games mentioned above are designed in a way to use a PC mouse to select settings and customize the game. It is also used to move the cue stick.

Are these games free

There are many downloadable PC version of the game that are free of cost and you may just need to sign up to get the offline version in your laptop or tablet. However, the free versions usually come with limitations such as ads popping up after every game and not many customizing options available.

Are there any limitations to play

In the offline version, you may face some limitations regarding the features but you can play the games as many times you wish. There are also no restrictions on the number of games you can play.

Do I need to purchase virtual items

Some games may require you to purchase the virtual items to customize and unlock a higher level or new features. However, these are optional, not mandatory. 

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