4 Best Pool Cues For Spin for 2023

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The spinning of the cue ball and a good pool performance are complementary to each other. However, applying the perfect spin to the ball requires a lot of practice and of course the right cue sticks. Whether you are playing billiards, snooker, or pool, you can benefit from the best pool cues for a spin.

When you apply the right spin, it gives you much better control over the cue ball after it strikes the object, and lets you be better prepared for the next shot. It also gives you an advantage when you are snookered and find it difficult to directly hit the object ball.

It’s also widely known in the billiards world that a pool cue’s performance lies in the shaft and the first six inches are most important. The pool cue tip is where the rubber hits the object ball surface, which means the area where the energy from your pool cue gets transferred to the ball to create a perfect balance of accuracy, speed, and spin

So, if that brings you to the market to look for the best pool cues then expect to be bombarded with a lot of options. To ease out your decision making, our team has reviewed some of the finest pool cues in the market and come up with a few selected ones that stand out from the rest.

Read on to find the complete and unbiased reviews of the pool cues handpicked by our team. If you are in a hurry to order then we suggest the Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58″ Billiard House that offers the best value for the entire family as everyone can find the one that suits their preferences.

#1. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

When you want to improve your game, check out the Players Technology Series HXT15, a two-piece pool cue that is made from high-grade and hand-picked North American hard rock maple. The forearm is made from walnut-stained maple and the butt section features traditional diamond and pincher point design.

Besides being gorgeous to look at, the pool cue also uses modern technology with HXT low-deflection ferrule to increase the accuracy and power to cause envy for your friends. It also features a Kamul black tip to provide more durability better spin and a superior grip to the user.

When it comes to performance, it’s worth noting that the HXT high-tech low deflection shaft helps in significantly reducing the cue ball deflection. We are also impressed to find that the product comes backed by a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 18- 20.5 Ounce
  • 12.75mm Tip
  • Kamui Black Soft Tip
  • Solid black Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • HXT Low Deflection shaft

User/ Customer reviews

Several professional players who have played hundreds of games have said that this reasonably priced cue is as good as the expensive ones. Beginners have also mentioned that this is just the type of wooden cue they wanted to learn the game and get better. A few customers have warned that the packaging is not up to the mark.


If you are looking for a high-quality pool cue stick that looks and feels great5, while at the same time also spins beautifully to give you a great playing performance than this one by Players Technology Series HXT15 (shop now) is a good choice. Overall, we feel that this two-piece pool cue is worth the price you pay for it.

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 #2. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

If you want to play like a pro, both in terms of performance and feel then you must check out the next product – Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue. This is a traditionally styled billiard cue that comes with a nutmeg-stained maple forearm and butt.

The pool cue also features a genuine black double-pressed Irish linen wrap and a stainless steel joint collar with triple silver ring sets. It has a timeless appeal that makes it sought after by amateurs as well as professional players wanting a nice stick to play casual games at home.

Besides the superior-grade wood used in the making of the pool cue stick, it is finished with a high gloss super UV coating on the exterior. It protects the wood from chipping or fading away with use. Furthermore, the manufacturer stands behind each product with a solid lifetime warranty.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 0.35 Ounces
  • Double-pressed Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • 13mm premium tip
  • Lifetime warranty

User/ Customer reviews

Many people have said that they have received compliments on how good the pool cue looks and the butt finish is absolutely flawless. Some users have also said that opting for their personal cue rather than taking one from the batch has helped them improve their game by several notches. A few customers have mentioned that they wish it came with a nice case to keep the pool stick.


This is a well-crafted pool cue stick made from premium quality wood, and it features a clean and elegant look that can impress anyone. The steel joints and ringwork are also of good quality that stands out from the stand pool cue sticks. Overall, we feel that this product offers a good price to performance ratio.

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#3. Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

If you are a frequent casual player at the club, you may want to check out this set of 10 pool cue sticks from the house of ASKA store. We love the attractive color combination that includes Black, Green, Red, Pink, Blue, Brown, Smoke, Purple, Grey, and Orange to suit your moods.

Made from premium-grade hard rock Canadian maple wood, these pool cue sticks feature a cue length of 58 inches and have a shaft of 29 inches. The joints are made of stainless steel material to add durability to the structure and there is a 13 mm hard glued-on tip too.

While these pool cue sticks may not give you a great level of control that you can find in other expensive sticks, but they are good enough to give you a nice spin. They are certainly way better than the cues out of the rack, and also help you in improving your game.

Product features and specifications

  • Set of 10 Pool Cue Sticks
  • 13mm Hard Tip
  • 5/16×18 Joint
  • 58″ Hard Rock Canadian Maple
  • 5/16×18 Joint
  • Black Nylon Wrap
  • 25mm White ABS Ferrule

User/ Customer reviews

Those who have bought these pool cue sticks are mostly casual players who wanted them to play at times but they were pleasantly surprised with the good quality of these sticks. People have also said that these sticks are perfect for kids and adults alike. A few users have also said that they provide a good variety of weights according to preference.


These are a gorgeous set of pool cue sticks that will adorn the racks and work great for people of different preferences. Despite being reasonably priced, they are good in terms of quality and deliver an amazing performance. Overall, we feel that the Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks (shop now) offer a good value for money.

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#4. Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58″ Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

If you are looking for a set of pool cues that everyone in the family can use then we recommend this product from the house of Billiard Depot. It comprises four pieces of 58-inches pool cues that are completely reliable for residential use.

The billiard sticks feature a well-built hardwood shaft and 13 mm leather cue tips. It also has a gorgeous overlay decal butt that adds more attractiveness to the cue sticks. They are designed in a way to give you a good hit at the object ball and result in spinning.

During our review, we were impressed with the cue tips that are LePro, medium to medium-hard. While in our opinion, they feature a perfect balance of hard, the pool cue tips are still able to give you a nice monster spin.

Product features and specifications

  • 4pcs of 58″ pool cues
  • 5/16×18 Joint
  • Standard weight
  • 13mm leather cue tips
  • Secure and strong ferrules
  • Veneered glossy section
  • Beautiful overlay decal butt

User/Customer reviews

Users find these straight cues absolutely gorgeous and sharp in appearance, with a nice styled tip. Many people have mentioned that they got some really nice compliments on the way the cue sticks looked and performed. A few users have also mentioned that these sticks are very well proportioned and nicely decorated to give you a great feeling while playing.


If you want a complete set of pool cues in different weights and heights of different family members with various requirements then this fits the bill just fine. While we cannot really vouch for long-term durability, these sticks are good-looking and get the work done as expected. Overall, we think that you get what you pay for.

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Related Question

Where to hit the cue ball for spinning

In order to make the cue ball spin, you need to hit it at 12 o’clock position, just above the midpoint so that the cue ball gets a nice spin. If you strike at 6 o’clock, you get a bottom spin, and 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock positions give you side spin.

How long does a good pool cue tip last

If you have a superior grade pool cue stick with a high-quality cue tip then it will last for about six months on average. However, this may differ depending on the type of material the tip is made of how often you play, and in what type of environment.

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