4 Best Pool Cue Tips For Breaking for 2023

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Some may say that the initial break when you are playing pool is one of the most important shots. It is the break that sets up the table for the rest of a match. A quality break can mean the difference between a win and a loss. You need to get it right.

While you could feasibly use any pool cue tip to get the perfect break, ideally you would want to opt for one designed specifically for breaking. A pool cue tip designed for breaking allows the player to transfer the maximum of power into their shot while maintaining control.

There are countless pool cue tips on the market. Many of which are designed specifically for breaking. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, we know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pool cue tip. This is why our experts have put in the work for you.

We have gone through cue tip after cue tip, and we believe we have found the 4 best pool cue tip for breaking. Each of the tips you find on this list brings something completely different to the table, but all will perform well for both amateurs and pros alike.

While we encourage you to read through all of the reviews on this page to ensure you are choosing the right pool cue tip for breaking, if you do not have time, you can check out this handy list below to see a quick summary of what we genuinely believe are the best cue tips around.

1. Alex Austin Black Hammer14mmPhenolicHardShow Now
2. Elite Bakelite14mmPhenolic BakeliteSuper HardShow Now
3. Tiger Laminated Cue Tip13mm or 15mmLeatherSuper HardShow Now
4. Bulletproof Break Tips15mmPolymerSuper HardShow Now

1. Alex Austin Black Hammer Phenolic 14mm Jump ; Break Hard Tip

The Alex Austin Black Hammer has been designed for good, all-round power play. While this is a tip made with breaking and jump shots in mind, the hard tip should allow for those more intricate shots too.

This is perhaps one of the better tips on the market for those with lighter cues, or those that have not yet developed the skills to put a huge amount of power behind their shots. In fact, this cue tip works better with longer strokes as opposed to ‘more power’.

The phenolic resin material ensures that this cue tip is designed to last, no matter how much power you are putting behind your shots.

Product Features

  • 14mm Diameter
  • Phenolic material
  • Designed for both breaking and jumps
  • Hard tip

Customer Reviews

Users of this pool cue tip report that it is excellent for breaking, even with the lightest of cues. However, they do recommend that rather than putting all of your power into a short stroke of the cue, you should instead extend your stroke. This provides more power, while also allowing more control over the break.


If you are playing with a lightweight pool cue, or are brand new to the game then the Alex Austin Black Hammer is likely going to be the perfect break cue tip for you. It is especially good to use if you cannot normally put a huge amount of power behind your shot.

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2. Elite Bakelite 14mm Cue Tip for Breaking

This break tip from Elite has been designed for both breaking and jump shots. Although, since it is a super-hard tip, it may make it a bit difficult to perform intricate trick shots.

This pool cue tip has been constructed from a Bakelite material, which is functionally similar to the phenolic resin option. The only real difference is that it is slightly harder, which allows you to get a bit more power behind the shot. At 14mm in size, this cue tip should be able to fit on most pool cues with ease.

Product Features

  • 14mm cue tip
  • Bakelite material. Similar to phenolic resin
  • Super hard

Customer Reviews

Users of this pool cue tip report that while it is fantastic at breaking, this cue tip really comes into its own when it is used for jump shots. Although, some people also report that it can be a little bit difficult to center them properly.


For those that want the maximum amount of power behind their shots, particularly when they are performing jump breaks, the Bakelite cue tip may be the perfect option. Just bear in mind that it may not work well for shots that require a lot of precision.

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3. Tiger Laminated Cue Tip

The Tiger laminated leather pool cue tip has been designed to blend both control and power into the same product. This means that despite being a super-hard tip, it should be suitable for most plays in the game. This makes it perfect for both amateurs and intermediate players that may not wish to invest in multiple pool cues.

This pool cue tip stands out from the crowd due to the unique way in which it has been laminated. In order to ensure that the Tiger cue tip can be used for a multitude of different purposes, it has been laminated in two different ways. It is this that allows both control and power in the same shot.

This cue tip is available in two sizes; 13mm and 15mm. This should make it simple to find the size that is perfect for your pool cue.

Product Features

  • Constructed from leather laminate
  • Available in 13mm and 15mm
  • Super hard

Customer Reviews

Players report that the Tiger laminated break tip offers the perfect balance between power and control. While this tip has been designed with breaking in mind, it should be able to perform jumps with ease. While it does attach to the cue easily, some people have reported that the included instructions are not ‘good enough’.


The Tiger laminated break tip is perfect for those that want a bit more of a ‘general purpose’ pool tip, while at the same time allowing them to lean a bit more into power shots.

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4. Bulletproof Break Tips

Bulletproof break tips (see more) are among the most unique of pool cue tips on the market. They are one of only a few to be constructed from a polymer, which is said to offer a more powerful shot than phenolic, while at the same time offering the same grip that leather does. It really is the ‘best of both worlds’

While these break tips are pretty designed for ‘the break’, Bulletproof tips can be used at every stage of the game. In fact, these particular break tips are fantastic for adding a touch of spin to your shots.

These are the only break tips on this list that you will find ‘in use’ on the professional circuit.

Product Features

  • Constructed from polymer
  • 15mm in size, although the company can produce other sizes ‘to order’
  • Super hard

Customer Reviews

Users seem to love the fact that not only can you break with this cue tip, but you can add a touch of spin to the ball too. They also seem to enjoy that these cue tips require a lot less effort to deliver a huge amount of power to the shot. The only real issue seems to be that they can be tough to attach to the cue properly. As a result, many people suggest using a professional installer.


If you want a pool cue tip that even the professionals love, then Bulletproof Break Tips are perfect. They hold chalk incredibly well and can offer you the perfect shot at every stage of the game. 

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Tips for Choosing the Best Pool Cue Tip for Breaking

When you are choosing a pool cue tip for breaking, there are a few things that you will need to consider.

Your main consideration should be the hardness of the cue tip. The harder the tip, the better it will be for breaking. However, extra-hard tips can cause issues for the more intricate shots. If you are lucky enough to own multiple cues, then opting for extra-hard is the best route to go down. If you have one cue, opt for a ‘hard tip’.

If you purchase from a quality manufacturer, then the material shouldn’t matter all that much. However, the best pool cue tips for breaking will likely be made from one of these materials:

  • Polymer
  • Leather
  • Phenolic resin

As you play more pool, you may feel that one of these materials is better for you than the others.

The size of your cue will also be an important factor. You will want to choose a pool cue tip that can easily fit on the end of your cue. It is important that you do not purchase something too small, because it will be tough to center. Larger cue tips can be tuned to fit the end of smaller pool cues.

Of course, do not forget to read reviews. They will tell you how well a tip will ‘grip’ onto the end of your pool cue, as well as give you an idea as to the sorts of power the cue tip will be able to provide you with. 

Related Questions

How hard should a pool cue tip be when used for breaking?

The best pool cue tips for breaking will be classed as ‘hard’ tips. These tips are designed to strike the center of the cue ball while also transferring the maximum amount of power into the shot.

How do you know when a pool cue tip needs to be replaced?

A pool cue tip should be completely smooth. If the pool cue tip starts to develop small pits, or it is not completely smooth to the touch, then it will likely need to be replaced.

How long does a pool cue tip last?

A pool cue tip will last between 6 and 12-months, depending on how much use it is getting. Players may find that a pool tip being used for heavy breaking will often wear down faster than a pool cue being used for more intricate shots.

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