7 Best Players Pool Cue Reviews for 2023

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The Cue ; Case Company was founded in 1991 by Jim Lucas and is now one of the world’s biggest billiards manufacturers. They pride themselves in providing high-quality products at levels of skill and price levels. They also own the company Escalade Sports and extended their range to cover even more indoor games across 6 out of 7 continents.

The Players brand has developed a solid reputation over almost three decades of operation and offers same-day shipping, drop shopping with competitive prices with no minimum orders. Their risk-free buying system also provides customers the option of credit programs. With one of the world’s most extensive catalogs, you are sure to find your perfect cue from the Players range.

The Players subsidiary is known for its quality products, and affordability and the Players brand specialize in recreational level cues with a classic yet modern feel. Because their catalog is so extensive, we have compiled  7 of the best Players pool cues reviews to make your choice much easier.

Editor’s Choice – Players D-DRG Dragon design

Players brand Model1. Players 58’’ Cue Sets 4/82. Players Technology Series HXT153. Player Pure X HXT724. Player C-960 Crimson Birds eye maple5. Players smoke design maple wood C-99216. Players D-JS Jester and dripping cards7. Players D-DRG Dragon design
Weight 18-21oz Not adjustable18oz, 18.5oz, 19oz, 19.5oz, 20oz, 20.5oz18-21oz Adjustable18-21oz adjustable18-21oz adjustable18-21oz Adjustable18-21 oz Not adjustable
ShaftNorth American maple woodNorth American Maple woodNorth American Maple woodNorth American Maple woodNorth American Maple woodNorth American Maple woodNorth American Maple wood
FerruleHigh impact FiberLow Deflection FerruleLow Deflection FerruleHigh impact FiberHigh impact FiberHigh impact FiberHigh impact Fiber
TipElk master Mineral Tanned LeatherKamui 10-layer pigskin leather 12.75 mmKamui 10-layer layer pigskin leather Oak cured leather ‘Le Pro’  tip 13mmOak cured leather ‘Le Pro’  tip 13mmOak cured leather ‘Le Pro’ tip 13mmOak cured leather ‘Le Pro’ tip  13mm
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#1. Players Set of 58’’ 1-Piece Pool Cue Sticks

These stylish, professional-quality cues have a natural wooden look with four darker wood prongs on a light wood motif. These shafts are made from solid Maple wood for durability and balance. They are kitted with a mineral tanned leather Elk tip for accurate play. The manufacturer uses a patented stabilizer to protect the wood from external damage, and each cue is coated in a specialized epoxy for added protection. 

The high gloss finish is also designed to withstand UV damage and provides smooth action in play. Their high-impact ferrules are made to withstand chipping and warping and are made to last. This set comes in an option of four cues; 18oz, 19oz, 20oz, 21oz, or an 8-cue option of 2 x 18oz, 2 x 19oz, 2 x 20oz, and 2 x 21oz.

Players Set of 58’’ 1-Piece Pool Cue Sticks Features at a Glance:

  • 100% North American maple shafts
  • Cue blanks are cured and dried seven times for maximum warping protection
  • Durable and accurate  mineral tanned leather tip 
  • Linen wrap for grip
  • Natural wood look with prong design
  • High gloss UV resistant veneer
  • High impact fiber ferrule for durability

Customer/User reviews

Most of the customers were satisfied with their purchase and gave the product high ratings. People noted how straight the cues were and were very pleased with the Elk Tips. Both commercial and residential buyers felt that the product was well designed, performed well, and appeared durable and hardy. A few users received damaged cues and revised their low rating fairly quickly and remarked on the excellent customer service.

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#2. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-piece Pool Cue

The HTX15 (see Amazon) incorporates cutting edge technology and style in one high-performance cue. The ferrule has a lightweight polymer core that reduces deflection in play for greater accuracy, and this is mirrored in the low deflection shaft. The dark-stained maple wood has an elegant diamond design with a natural wood finish.

The tip is a high-quality Kamui brand that uses ten layers of pigskin leather to create a high-performance tip with excellent grip and spin. The manufacturer uses a patented stabilizer to protect the cue from external damage and a high sheen epoxy layer for further durability. The HXT15 had a firm Irish linen wrap in a double layer to offer an extra firm grip during play.

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-piece Pool Cue Feature at a Glance:

  • Low deflection shaft of Maple wood
  • High-tech ferrule with a polymer core to reduce deflection
  • Kamui pigskin tip for grip and spin
  • Weight adjustable
  • Stainless steel joint and Implex butt cap
  • Stabilizer and epoxy layered for durability
  • Stylish wood stain and design
  •  Double Irish linen wrap
  • Weight adjustable
  • UV high gloss coating for smooth play and durability
  • Lifetime guarantee against warpage

Customer/User Review

Customers were unanimous that the HXT15 was a high value and good quality product, with the majority awarding the cue five stars. The deflection reducing technology made a noticeable difference in play and improved user’s gameplay.

Many users noted how well balanced the cues are, and how they are comparable to far higher-priced cues. A few users found the tip too soft and found that it was compressed in a daily high-intensity play, but that would be standard for any tip.

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#3 Pure X Pool Cue Stick – Low Deflection Technology w/Kamui Black Tip

The Pure X pool cue (see Amazon) has a stunning green diamond design on light and dark wood with a wood butt plate. The shaft and ferrule are engineered to minimize deflection, and the ferrule has a specialized polymer core. The high gloss epoxy layer is unwrapped for extra smooth shooting, and the elegant maple wood shines through in a natural facade. 

Each HXT72 comes standard with a top-quality Kamui tip with ten patented pigskin layers for enhanced performance. The cue has been through a rigorous manufacturer standard with a patented stabilizer to provide a lifetime warranty against warping. These cues are durable, and performance is enhanced for a better game and a longer lifespan. Users have an option of a skinny ferrule of 11.75mm, as opposed to the standard 12.75.

Pure X Pool Cue Stick Features at a Glance

  • Maple wood shaft with deflection control
  • Polymer core ferrule to minimize deflection
  • Wrapless high gloss epoxy sealed for durability
  • Wood butt handle
  • Classic diamond design with stained wood and green accents
  • Patented stabilizer treated and sealed in UV gloss
  • Available in a skinny and standard ferrule
  • Weight adjustable 18-12oz
  • Lifetime warranty against warping

Customer/user reviews

Customers were pleased with the cue performance and felt that the cue improved their accuracy and lessened deflection. Several users remarked that the cue stood up to cues of far higher prices and expressed pleasure with the excellent value for money. The only complaints were a few issues with delivery damage, but generally, the cues were highly rated.

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#4. Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

The C-960 has to be one of the most eye-catching of the 7 best Players pool cues. The crimson-stained wood is set off by silver-ring accents and a high-grip Irish linen wrap in jet black. The shaft is made from maple wood and cured and turned seven times before they are treated with a patented stabilizer for durability. An outer layer of high-sheen epoxy prevents external damage, and when combined, these two features make the cue worthy of a lifetime guarantee against warpage.

The high impact ferrule is made of durable materials to prevent chipping and dents. Each cue comes with a top-quality oak cured leather ready for play. The ultra-gloss epoxy covering makes for exceptionally smooth play, with a durable double Irish linen grip for maximum control. This cue is an excellent all-rounder at any stage of skill and has impressive looks.

Players C-960 Cue Features at a Glance:

  • A joint collar of stainless steel for durability 
  • 15’’ professional taper
  • 13mmm oak tanned leather tip for peak performance
  • Crimson wood and black design with silver accents
  • High durability chip-proof ferrule
  • Stabilized and epoxy coated for a lifetime warranty against warpage
  • Weight adjustable
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Double black Irish linen wrap for grip

Customer/User Reviews

Customers gave excellent ratings to the C-690 and were pleased with their purchase. Many remarked on the high gloss finish and how smooth the cue was handled in play. The crimson stain design was described as ‘awesome’ by one of the users. The cues were straight with a great taper and excellent control and improved many user’s play. 

One customer found a cancer warning on his cue and was alarmed. It was explained that the California code demands that products containing brass be labeled a carcinogen that only applies if consumed. There are no cancer-causing interactions in play unless eating the cue components are part of the bet.

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#5. Players C-9921 Classic Smoke Birds-Eye Maple with Inlays and cream background

With a smokey gray stained wood with maple inlays and a cream forearm and butt, these cues have a classic elegance that is hard to beat. Processed in the 7 stage drying and curing that is the brand trademark, they are treated with patented stabilizers and coated in epoxy resin. These two features combine to make the cue so durable that it comes with a lifetime guarantee against warpage.

This pool has a professional tapper and a high quality, Le Pro tip of patented layered leather. The ferrule is made of specialized material that can withstand high-impact play and is built to last. Double-pressed Irish linen provides a slip-free grip for greater control in play.

Players C-9921 Classic Smoke-Stained Cue features at a Glance:

  • Made with 100 % maple wood for durability and style
  • Stabilized and layered with epoxy resin for chip and dent protection
  • Poly joint collar with 5/16 x 18 joint pin
  • Le Pro tip 
  • Weight adjustable 18-210z
  • High-impact ferrule
  • Lifetime guarantee against warpage
  • Irish linen grip for control
  • High gloss UV resistant fish for smooth action
  • Smokey design on wood with inlays and cream forearm and butt

Customer/User Reviews

The smokey maple design against the cream is striking and gives a classic olden days elegance. Users were impressed by the design and claimed that other players often remarked on the cue’s design. The users loved the long-stroke taper and felt the cue was well balanced and performed very well. There are some negative comments were regarding delivery errors or delivery-related damage to the cue.

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#6. Players D-JS White with Jester on Pool Balls and Dripping Card Suits Cue

The eye-catching design is matched by the advanced technology that goes into making the Player pool cue range. The grim reaper style joker and dripping cards imagery is distinctive and unusual and has an added skull inlay on the back ended loaded rubber grip. The smooth, high gloss epoxy covering is exceptionally smooth and is enhanced by patented stabilizers and seven-stage manufacture that deliver a genuinely durable product with a lifetime warranty against warpage.

The professional taper with a long stroke and is treated with French wax to enhance smooth play. The grip has three different traction zones to suit any shot style and is made with specialized non-slip rubber. This Players D-Js cue (shop now) is suitable for beginners and experts alike and is competitively priced and delivers a high standard of durability and performance. 

Players D-JS White Cue Features at a Glance:

  • 100% Maple wood for straightness and durability
  • High-impact ferrule that is chip and dent resistant
  • Distinctive Jester/skull and playing card design
  • Made with patented stabilizer and high gloss epoxy finish
  • 13mm Le Pro tip for spin and grip
  • 3-zone textured rubber grip for torque and control
  • Weight adjustable 18-21oz
  • 5/16 x 18 joint pin
  • Lifetime guarantee against warpage.

Customer/User Reviews

The customers said that their D-JS pool cue really attracted attention when playing in public spaces. Many users felt that the grip not only looked amazing with the multiple-inlaid skulls but improved their cue handling as well. Customers who had purchased high-end cues were surprised how well the cue measured up to higher-priced cues on the market. Some users received a damaged cue, and the cue the provider replaced the cue promptly.

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#7. Players D-DRG Midnight Black with Golden Dragons Pool Cue

This Players Golden Dragons cue (see Amazon) has an eastern lucky dragon design on a midnight-black base that is guaranteed to turn heads. The cue is made from hard Maple wood and is made in the 7-stage process of curing and turning before being coated with a patented stabilizer. The high gloss epoxy seals the cue from external damage such as moisture and prevents warpage.

The cue comes standard with a Le Pro oak cured leather tip for enhanced performance. The high impact ferrule is long-lasting and chip and dent resistant. The high gloss seal makes for smooth play and is complemented by a double-pressed Irish linen wrap for grip.

Players D-DRG Golden Dragons Pool Cue features at a Glance:

  • Eye-catching golden lucky dragon design on black
  • 100% maple wood shaft 
  • High-impact ferrule chip and dent resistance
  • Double Irish linen grip
  • French Le Pro oak cured leather tip
  • Weight  18-21oz non-adjustable
  • Patent stabilizer treated with UV resistant high gloss epoxy
  • Lifetime warranty against Warpage 

Customer/User Reviews

Customers loved the cue’s striking design and found that the cue was straight and had a balanced weight. The D-DRG pool cue was highly rated by both beginners and those at more advanced levels of play. The only low ratings were delivery damage related and were not regarding the quality of the product.

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The Player range by the Cue; Case Company is a well-engineered and distinctly designed range of cues and priced competitively in their niche. The Player brand has almost three decades of experience and has developed its reputation for high-quality recreational cues. The customer ratings were generally high, and the cues had an impressive and eclectic range of designs from classic to funky.

The Player cues offer a great range from entry-level sets to professional-level items over a wide price range to suit your pocket. We hope that you have found your perfect fit in our above 7 best Players pool cue reviews, and you will make use of the lifetime warranty by keeping your cue for a very long time.

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