6 Best low Deflection Pool Cues for 2023

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When you are playing a game of pool, you need to have as much control as possible over your pool cue. While your skill is likely to play a part of this, the quality of the pool cue is also important. If you are taking regular spin shots, then your only real option is to look for low deflection pool cues.

Low deflection pool cues have been specially weighted to ensure that the bulk of the weight is near the back of the cue. This means that when you are lining up a shot, you are running a lower risk of the pool tip veering to one side. This allows accuracy on the cue pool which, of course, means that your shot will go in the direction you want it to go in.

As a player, it is likely that you will find a lot of different low deflection pool cues on the market. Some are even marketed as low deflection, even when they are anything but. This can make it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our editors have searched far and wide to put together this list of six of the best low deflection pool cues on the market. These are ones designed for everybody from the beginner to the pro. If you are looking for a brand new pool cue, then any of these six pool cues will be absolutely perfect for you.

While we have put together an extensive review for each of the 6 best low deflection pool cues on this list, we know that there are some people that may wish to compare these pool cues ‘at a glance’. However, do bear in mind that when you get to this sort of quality pool cue, there is very little variance between them.

This list will showcase the various products we have reviewed. We do suggest that you read through the full reviews to understand more about what each of these pool cues can bring to the table.

Editor’s ChoiceLucasi Custom Luminous Blue Birds-Eye Pool Cue

Product NameShaftLengthWeight
1. Lucasi Custom12.75mmDependent on weight18-oz to 21-ozShow Now
2. PureX HXT-6512.75mmDependent on weight18-oz to 21-ozShow Now
3. Champion Bluen/a58-inches18-oz to 21-ozShow Now
4. Players PSK-18BC Slim11.75mmShaft onlyShaft OnlyShow Now
5. Champion Gator12.75mm58-inches18oz to 21ozShow Now
6. Lucasi LXC98 Hybrid Pool Cue12.75mmDependent on weight18oz to 21ozShow Now

1. Lucasi Custom

Lucasi Customs are well-known for being some of the best pool cues on the market. Head to your local pool hall, or even watch a professional match, and you will likely find several people rocking a Lucasi pool cue.

Part of the reason why these pool cues are so popular is because you genuinely can customize them to your needs. While their low-deflection pool cues always boast a 12.75mm shaft, they are available in a variety of weights and lengths to ensure that you get the fit that is right for you.

The low-deflection nature of the Lucasi Custom pool cue is enhanced by the addition of an Everest cue tip. Anybody that knows Everest cue tips will know that they hit nigh on perfectly. If you have the skill, you can get them to be accurate on each and every shot that you take.

Lucasi pool cues are known for their ‘build quality’ and the way they feel in your hands. If you struggle to grip your standard pool cue, then the Irish linen grip this pool cue offers may be perfect for you. It is virtually non-slip, which delivers even greater control over the shots that you make.

To demonstrate just how much trust that they have in their products, Lucasi offers a lifetime warranty on all of their pool cues. They guarantee that your pool cue will not warp. If it does, you can send it back to them and you get a new one. Honestly, when you pick up a Lucasi pool cue, you will be owning a pool cue for life.

Product Features

  • Weight: 18 to 21 ounces. Can purchase in half ounce increments.
  • 12.75mm shaft
  • Everest tip. Leather. Ensures the highest amount of accuracy.
  • Irish linen wrap grip
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

As you can imagine, at this price, the reviews for the Lucasi Custom are overwhelmingly positive. People seem to enjoy just how well-balanced the pool cue is. They also seem to enjoy how much control you have when you are taking spin shots. This makes it one of the best low-deflection pool cues.

It is tough to find any negative comments about the Lucasi Custom. Perhaps the biggest issue has been with a rubber insert on the stock. However, this seems to be a problem with a very small batch of them and it has not been a major issue for most people.


While the Lucasi Custom low-deflection pool cue comes in at a premium price, there is a reason why this one is used by the pros. It is a product that has really proven its worth. If you want a pool cue that will last ‘for life’, then this is one of the best options on the market.

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2. PureX HXT-65

For those searching for a more budget-friendly low deflection pool cue, but still wish for something that can pack an accurate, punchy shot, then the PureX HXT-65 may be just the ticket.

While the PureX HXT-65 is unlikely going to be picked up by the pros, it is the perfect pool cue for the amateur pool player. It is especially great for those that are trying to work on their more intricate shot-making skills.

The PureX HXT-65 comes in a variety of different weights. This ensures that with this product, you will be able to get the weight that is perfect for your size. This is very rare to get at the lower end of the ‘quality pool cue market’.

This product offers a wrapless handle. While this is not something that will be suitable for everybody, there are many that love the freedom to move their hand about a little. This provides even more control over the shots.

The combination of the shaft and quality pool cue tip ensures that deflection is kept to the absolute minimum. In fact, deflection is so low on this that people claim that there is no slippage on even an unchalked cue tip.d

Product Features

  • 12.75mm shaft
  • Kamui soft pool cue tip
  • Wrapless handle
  • Available in a multitude of weights from 18oz up to 21oz. This pool cue is available in half-oz increments.
  • Natural wood
  • Implex joint collar

Customer Reviews

Despite the low price of this pool cue, a lot of people praise how accurate shots are with it. Customers love the fact it comes complete with a fairly expensive pool cue tip too. This goes to show the amount of quality that is being packed into the PureX HXT-65.

It seems that the main problem people have with the PureX HXT-65 is the lack of a wrap on the butt of the cue. This means that grip is not always going to be the best. This is very much going to be a personal preference, though. A surprising number of people do enjoy a grip like that.


For a budget-friendly pool cue, the PureX HXT-65 is the best in its class. Just bear in mind that the wrapless handle may not be for everybody.

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3. Champion Blue

The Champion Blue low-deflection pool cue (see Amazon) isn’t necessarily brimming with features, but it doesn’t need to be. This is a basic pool cue designed for amateur players. Despite this, the Champion Blue offers unmatched quality at this price.

It may be a budget brand, and it may use non-branded components, but the Champion Blue offers the minimum amount of deflection on shots. In the right hands, this pool cue is an absolute beast. Once you develop your pool skills, you will be able to achieve perfect aim on the cue ball.

This pool cue is supplied with both a glove and a case. It means you have everything you need to head to your local pool hall.

Product Features

  • Available in 4 different weights; 18oz to 21oz
  • Rock Maple shaft. Specially treated to prevent warping.
  • ABS Fiber Ferrule
  • Tip size 12mm or 13mm. Depends on product weight.
  • Length 58-inces
  • Available in pink or blue color

Customer Reviews

There seems to be almost universal agreement that if you want a low-deflection pool cue at a price suitable for ‘not so regular’ play, then Champion Blue is great. It is well-balanced, and the shots will almost always hit true.

It isn’t all positive, though. Some people have complained about how loose the ferrule of the pool cue can be at times. However, this is an issue that mainly crops up due to regular play. It is unlikely that your average amateur player will ever have to deal with this.


While people playing pool regularly are likely to steer clear of the Champion Blue pool cue, with the price clearly being aimed at those that play once or twice per month. If you fit into that group, then you will find that this pool cue is perfect. Just bear in mind that it will perform nowhere near as well as products 2-3x more expensive.

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4. Players PSK-18BC

The Players PSK-18BC (learn more) is not a full pool cue. It is just the shaft. It has been designed to turn almost any pool butt into a low-deflection pool cue. Because of this, it may be ideal for those that enjoy mixing up their shots a little bit. If you do not always want a low-deflection pool cue, then why not swap it out on occasion?

The ‘base’ version of this pool cue shaft is 11.75mm. Which makes it thinner than your average shaft. Since these are often quite difficult to find in a low-deflection cue, it could be good for those that are not really gelling with their thicker shafts.

Product Features

  • 11.75mm shaft
  • Comes with 10 different joints. Ensures compatibility with most pool cue butts.
  • 12mm or 13mm tip

Customer Reviews

There is a lot of high praise for the Players PSK-18BC’s ability to turn even the cheapest of pool butts into a quality low-deflection pool cue. In fact, it is heavily marketed as a way to breathe new life into pool cues that no longer seem to be working as well as they should.

Putting aside the complaints from people that thought they were buying a whole pool cue, the main issue with the Players PSK-18BC is that it does not fit every butt. It is mostly designed for PureX systems, although most brands should be fine. However, cheaper systems may not be compatible.


While it is only the shaft, the players PSK-18BC (shop now) is an ideal purchase for anybody that wishes to upgrade their old pool cue shaft to something that offers a low-deflection.

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5. Champion Gator

This is another budget pool cue from Champion, but just like the previous Champion offering, it still delivers real value for money.

The main difference between the Champion Gator and the Champion Blue is the size of the tip. Starting at 12.75mm, the Champion Gator’s tip offers more contact with the cue ball, which can really help accuracy when making shots.

This pool cue does offer a hard tip, which can easily be swapped out. It isn’t the greatest for those that want to add huge amounts of spin to their shot, but for the price it performs reasonably well.

Product Features

  • 58-inch length
  • Available in weight 18oz to 21oz
  • 12.75mm or 13mm pool cue tip
  • Hard tip
  • Designed to resist warping

Customer Reviews

Purchasers of the Champion Gator have both praised and ridiculed the look of this pool cue. Some people find the intense graphics a little bit ‘over the top’, while others enjoy them and find that it adds a touch of spark into their game.

The real positivity comes with how ‘true’ the shots you make with this pool cue will be. While nobody expected it to offer the same low deflection that pool cues triple the price would offer, many are surprised at just how accurate shots can be with the Champion Gator. It is highly recommended for amateur players.

Some higher skill level players have commented that the cue tip on the Champion Gator can be a little bit too hard. If you are a well-skilled player, then it is suggested you switch out the cue tip for a softer one to ensure the best ‘spin shots’.


There is no denying that Champion low-deflection pool cues deliver value for money. While it is not recommended for pros, those that play at home or take the odd trip to the pool hall would probably enjoy the Champion Gator.

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6. Lucasi Hybrid LXC98 Pool Cue

Just when you thought Lucasi custom pool cues couldn’t get any better, the Lucasi Hybrid LXC98 (See Amazon) comes along. This pool cue has been designed from the ground up to offer the perfect low-deflection shots.

There are two main features in this pool cue that help to deliver those low-deflection shots. The first is the shot dampening system. This ensures that no matter how much power you put behind the ball, the cue tip will not ‘bounce about’. This means the tip will contact the cue ball exactly as intended.

The second is the reduce shaft weight. Lucasi have designed the shaft to have a reduced weight without sacrificing shaft quality. You would struggle to find shafts lighter than this. This is because Lucasi have patented their technology.

Product Features

  • Four-piece butt construction
  • Shot dampening system
  • ‘Total Sweet Point System’ offers highest amount of power, coupled with perfect ball control.
  • Kamuai pool cue tip
  • Reduced weight in shaft compared to similar low-deflection pool cues.

Customer Reviews

After reading customer reviews, we have little doubt that most people find this to be one of the best pool cues on the market. It really does offer the lowest amount of deflection on shots, and the build quality is unbeatable.

There is little in the way of negativity when it comes to the Lucasi Hybrid LXC98. In fact, the only issue we found is that some people do not like the tip on the cue. This would be personal preference, and for most players it should be fine.


Lucasi pool cues are a staple for pro players. The Lucasi Hybrid LXC98 takes their cue technology to the next level. You just need to be willing to pay the higher price. Although, you will end up with something that will last ‘for life’.

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Related Questions

What is a low deflection pool cue suitable for?

Low deflection pool cues are designed to make it easier to add spin to a ball. While they are not suitable for everybody’s play style or shot type, they are ideal for those people that play a ‘spin heavy’ game.

How do low deflection pool cues minimize deflection?

The weight of a low deflection pool cue will be concentrated at the back and in the middle of the pool cue. With less weight at the front, the tip is less likely to veer off course. As a result, the player will have a lot more control over their shot.

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