4 Best Amarith Pool Balls Reviews for 2023

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There is a reason why Belgian Aramith balls are used by 85% of players around the world. They have garnered a reputation for quality over several decades and made their brand iconic among billiard ball manufacturers.

The legendary Aramith balls are made by Saluc, established in Belgium since 1923, and they continue to combine advanced resin technology and craftsmanship to produce both durable and high-performance billiard balls. If you wonder which of the Aramith balls to choose, we have our 4 best Aramith ball reviews to make your decision more informed.

Editor’s Favorite – Aramith Tournament Pool ball set

Aramith Model1. Aramith Premier Billiard balls2. Amarith Super Amarith Pro Ball Set3. Aramith Tournament Pool ball set4. Amarith Pro-Cup Tournament Value pack Ball set
Size 57.2 mm (2 1/4″)57.2mm (2.25″)57.2mm (2.25″)57.2mm (2.25″)
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 4 inches  13 x 13 x 4 inches 13 x 13 x 4 inches14.49 x 9.84 x 2.44 inches
Weight 6.55 Pounds6.65 Pounds6.55 pounds 8.2 Pounds
Material100% Phenolic resinProfessional grade Phenolic Resin4th Generation phenolic resin4th Generation phenolic resin
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Why Are Aramith Balls Different to Other Billiard Balls on the Market?

The Aramith balls stand above their competitors due to their 100% phenolic resin balls, which last up to 5 times longer than standard ball sets. With less friction on the cloth and their wear-resistant extra hard transparent vitrification layer can make these balls up to 40 years with home use.

The specialized materials that make up the Amarith balls are up to a hundred times finer than standard polyester balls. Their high gloss finish minimizes the scratches and wear and tear that billiard balls are prone to suffering.

The Well guarded Secret Amarith Recipe

The Saluc company and strictly vet the quality of the raw materials that make up their product. These are used for the 23-day production process to create the Amarith balls. During this time, the balls are cast and cured, then ground and polished to computer-assisted specifications. They are then manually inspected before making their way to over 100 countries in the world.

The Amarith ball’s precision is due to the specialized materials that make up the ball and their particular molecular build makes for consistent rebounds without erratic ball response. They achieve this through a chemical production process that provides perfect balance and homogeneity throughout its entirety.

What is a Phenolic Resin?

Phenolic resin is a thermosetting plastic that hardens under high temperatures and can’t be remelted. Once the phenolic resin has been set, they are finely sanded and polished. The inside of an Amarith ball is the same throughout its interior, and any numbers or markings are made of the identical material to the ball.

The friction between the table cloth and a ball translates into surprisingly high temperatures. The balls are specially created to withstand that friction by their smooth and durable outer gloss. Experiments show that these billiard balls can withstand almost 5 tons of pressure and shatter randomly, showing their homogeneity of the interior.

Now that we know more about what makes Amarith balls so unique, let’s start our 4 best Amarith pool balls review.

The Four Best Amarith Billiard/Pool Balls

#1. Aramith Billiard Balls – Premier Belgian

The Amarith Premier pool balls (see Amazon) are made of top quality phenolic resin created over a 23-day-long process to ensure that they conform to the Amarith standards. The balls are all inspected manually to ensure that they are perfectly weighted and pass the manufacturer’s high standards.

These balls are designed to withstand friction, scratches, and damage so that they will last users for up to four decades of home use. They are resistant to impact, and their vitrified surface lessens the wear of cloth and ball friction for longer life.

Aramith Billiard Balls – Premier Belgian Features at a glance

  • Conformed to weight, circumference, solidity, surface sheen, and vibrancy of color
  • A clear layer of vitrified gloss protects balls from wear and tear
  • Phenolic resin interior 
  • Impact-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Higher grade of phenolic resin than the premium range
  • 16 high-quality balls of  57.2 mm (2 1/4″)

Customer/User Reviews

The customers were impressed by the high gloss sheen on the Amarith Premier pool ball set and remarked on their balance and accuracy in play. Some users felt that the balls had a completely different play to the cheaper competitors’ ball sets and improved their play experience. A user was disappointed that the cue ball did not have a focus dot but was completely white.

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#2. Aramith Super Aramith Pro pool ball set/ Billiard Ball Set

These balls are individually calibrated and matched to deliver a superior playing experience. These balls are used in tournament play around the world and have a highly rated performance worldwide. The extra-hardened vitrified high gloss layer ensures that they stay perfect and protect your pool table cloth from burns or markings.

These balls’ interior is made from the highest quality phenolic resin on the market to ensure that your Pro Pool Amarith (learn more) set will last you for years. The set included the iconic Amarith dotted cue ball for greater accuracy.

Aramith Super Aramith Pro pool ball set/ Billiard Ball Set Features at a Glance:

  • Top-quality phenolic resin interior
  • Superior impact resistance 
  • 7 striped numbered balls, 7 solid and a red dot marked cue ball included
  • Individually calibrated for perfect weight and balance
  • High gloss vitrified outer layer resists friction
  • An impact-absorbing formulation for excellent rebound
  • High-intensity, fade proof colors
  • Burn spot resistant
  • Reduced friction gloss

Customer/User Reviews

The customer reviews were unanimous that the Amarith Pro set was the shiniest and brightest balls they had ever played in pool. Many noted a remarkable improvement in their play in terms of accuracy and roll. A point of concern is that a few users claimed that their sets had blurred numbers and chipped after a few plays. They did notice that the packaging was not consistent with the Amarith correct sets.

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#3. Aramith Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set 2 1/4″

Amarith enters the 4th generation of its secret phenolic resin technology, increasing these balls’ service life by 50%. The engineered ball interiors are made to be durable as well as minimize friction damage. There extra hardened vitrified outer gloss layer holds their brilliant colors and eliminates burn marks and white marks in your pool cloth.

These balls are suitable for both home and tournament play and are made to last eight times longer than an average pool ball. The weight and size are individually inspected to ensure a smooth and accurate play.

Aramith Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set 2 1/4″ features at a Glance:

  • 15 high gloss balls and 1 cue ball
  • 4th generation phenolic resin materials
  • Extra hardened vitrified gloss layer to reduce friction
  • Professional quality ball set
  • Vibrant non-fade colors through to the interior
  • Last up to 40 years
  • Friction resistant
  • Impact absorption and balance

Customer/User Reviews

The customers noted that the balls were high gleam and beautifully colored. The ball’s action was noted as being exceptionally smooth and accurate, and some noted the perfect weight balance in the breaks, especially. The overall ratings were very high. The only user complaints pertained to damaged packaging or transport-related damage.

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#4. Aramith New Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack Pool Ball Set 

This Tournament pack (see more) is the best value set that Amarith has to offer, including the iconic Pro cup cue ball with its distinctive six red dots that help players measure their spin on shots.

These balls are made with the advances of 4th generation phenolic resin manufacture, to last up to 8 times long as an average pool ball. The set has excellent add ons like a microfiber cloth and Amarith ball cleaner, and a Jim Rempe cue ball for learning how to spin, measure, and calculate your ball control.

Aramith New Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack Pool Ball Set features at a Glance:

  • 4th generation Amarith Phenolic resin
  • Increased longevity
  • Vitrified high gloss layer reduces friction
  • 15 balls, a Pro cue ball and a Jim Rempe practice ball
  • Microfibre cloth and Amarith ball cleaner
  • High-value package 
  • Consistent rebound and smooth playing

Customer/User Reviews

Users noted the even rebound and smooth traveling of these balls during play. They found that the balls exceeded their expectations in their looks and their performance on the table. As yet, there have been no negative reviews regarding this product.

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The Saluc/Amarith name is synonymous with high quality and excellence, and the reviews support this view. The long decades of experience have made this brand a master at the pool ball game. The Amarith range does retail at a higher price than the Amarith ball knock offs, but one merely has to read their reviews to see the user response to these irregular and surface painted imitations. We hope you found the right Amarith set to win your next game in style.

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