Accu Rack Vs Magic Rack (Here’s The Difference)

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Got a new pool table? Then you must be excited to play the first game on it, but wait until you have all the accessories. One important accessory is the rack to arrange your pool balls correctly in the right place. In this post, we will discuss Accu Rack Vs Magic Rack.

Anyone who starts looking for a pool rack online will come across two major options – Accu Rack and Magic Rack. The pool players are divided between the two, and both sides loyalists have their own reasons.

Some people feel that 8 and 9-ball Magic Racks leave gaps that are difficult to close, after a few uses. The Accu Rack, on the other hand, arrange balls tightly without leaving any gaps in between, however, it takes some massaging to set them in place.

As per experienced players, the Accu Rack works best for the pool balls that are old and worn out. Despite the signs of damage, this racking template holds the balls tightly without letting them roam around. With Magic Rack, you have to be more gentle and careful because it’s easier to get balls out of the line.

Does that confuse you further and you are left wondering which one is better? Well, you have come to the right place because today we will be reviewing both these two products separately to find out the difference between them.

#1. Original Magic Billiard Ball Rack Combo 8 and 9-10 Ball Duo-Pack

The Magic Ball Rack for 8 and 9-10 Ball (see Amazon) is kind of new innovation to help the pool players arrange their balls compactly for a game. Made from thin Grade A plastic and precise diamond shapes where the balls should be placed, the cutouts are specifically engineered to create a perfect rack of balls without much effort.

The Magic Billiard Ball Rack set comprises of two racks, – one for 8 ball game, and the other for 9 and 10 balls. Each ball is engraved carefully in diamond-shaped cuts to ensure that the balls stay in place for a game. It gives you a perfectly compact and tight rack in about 15 minutes or even less.

If you have an old pool table cloth or a recovered one, the Magic Ball Rack is a good choice as the table wear caused by it is next to nothing. You just need to ensure that you play with clean balls and the product can not only help you stay consistent with racking but also save the pool table cloth.

Product Features

  • Weighs 7.05 Ounces
  • Compatible with 2-1/4 standard pool balls
  • Made from special grade 0.14mm Plastic
  • Includes 2 racks – 8 and 9-10 Ball


  • Easy to use and consistently tight racks
  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Convenient storage and portable too
  • No signs of pool table felt wear


  • Product cannot be removed after racking the balls
  • Slow rolling balls performance get affected by rolling over the rack

Customers agree that the innovative design of Magic Rack makes it work great to product tight racking for the 8 balls, 9 balls, or 10 ball games. People are impressed with how their game improved by using this product, even though some ball speed tends to get affected.

Customer reviews

Some users have mentioned that 95% of the time, you can lift the film off the table after the break and the ball speed is not affected in a medium speed shot. A few players have warned that this is an unfair advantage in the game because the balls are racked perfectly each time.


When it comes to consistently producing tight racks, nothing comes close to the perfect design of Magic Rack. There have been well-engineered products in the past, but none have been as lightweight and less expensive as this one. It comes with a 30-day return policy so there is not much risk involved in the purchase.

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Accu-Rack Outsville Pool Ball Template Set

Some loyalists swear by the unique design and performance of the Accu-Rack Outsville Pool Ball Template Set, so we decided to give it a try. This single template rack made from polyester coated materials is designed in a way to accommodate 8, 9, or 10 balls for a game. It not only minimizes the slide but also decreases the signs of wear and tear on felt.

The makers of Accu-Rack use a proprietary geometry to ensure that the product is fairy built to give you a tight rack. The materials used in construction are chosen carefully to ensure that the racks can last for several months without getting damaged.

The package includes three different geometric shapes and designs of ball templates – Solo, Diamond 9, and Pro 10 Racks. These include proprietary geometry holes for the balls to snugly fit the spaces to give you a tight fit and eliminate any spaces. The racks can be rolled up and transported without causing any folds or bends.

Product features

  • Includes Solo, Diamond 9, and Pro 10 Racks
  • Comes with a vinyl protector for portability
  • Full Set of templates Solo, 9 and 10, 3ball template
  • Shark Skin Table Saver Break Circles


  • Cloth Style racks
  • No need to install new felt
  • Fits snugly and eliminates spacing
  • Holes avoid dead wing balls
  • May use both old or new balls


  • None worth mentioning

Customer reviews

Most people who have used the Accu Rack once have become a loyalist for the product because it helps in improving the game and precision in racking. Some customers have said that this is the kind of rack that is used in pool leagues or pool tournaments.

There are people who prefer this over Magic Rack because they find it more portable and easy to carry with them while traveling without bending the rack. Users particularly like the fact that this is made of cloth material that is extremely flexible and produces a tight rack.


This is a well designed and highly sought after pool rack that lets you play with both new and old balls with equal ease. The best part is that you do not require a new pool table cloth to ensure that they stick to it. As the Accu rack is made of cloth material, it can be easily rolled up and transported.

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Final Words

Both Accu Rack and Magic Rack are designed beautifully to hold the balls tightly and rack them up quickly for a game. Although different in design and materials that they are made up of, they deliver a good overall performance. So, the biggest difference lies in the personal preference of the customers.

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